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paw print Adopt a dog, and give them a second chance.

dog adoptionIf you’re thinking about getting a dog, I’d recommend you adopt rather than buy a dog. When you adopt a dog not only are you helping rescue groups, animal shelters, or humane societies, but most importantly you are giving the dog a second chance. Dogs that are taken in by these types of facilities are often socialized, trained, neuter or spayed, and given to you for a small adoption fee raging from $100 to $250.

Adopting a dog is the best decision anyone can possibly make. However, take in consideration that adopting a dog is a great responsibility; think of it as adopting a small child. With dog ownership, there are many duties which must be performed on a regular basis, such as daily feeding, exercise, and bathing and/or grooming. If you believe you don’t have the time or the energy to do these types of tasks, I suggest adopting a fish.

For those who are looking for a pure breed, or a puppy, adoption is easy and all it takes is some research and a little bit of patience. Many rescue groups take in pure breeds of all sizes and ages and make them available for adoption in exchange for a rather affordable fee. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to buy a puppy from a breeder that is not potty trained, or social, I suggest adopting a young dog that is already trained to socialize, spayed or neuter.

When beginning your adoption search do a self-assessment on the type of person you are and your living situation. Ask yourself: Am I a high energy person? Or am I a low energy person? This will help you find a dog with the same energy level as you. Don’t just fall for the dog with the saddest look, or the one that seems to be extremely friendly.

Please consider all these factors before adopting; it would be a shame to see a dog returned to the shelter because they weren’t a good match for you.

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