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paw print Adopting a Small Dog

adopt a small dogThere are many rewards for adopting a small dog. For instance, the price for a pure breed can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, compared to the affordable fee of adopting that same breed of dog. However, with adoption you will get the satisfaction of not only helping a animal shelter, rescue group, or humane society, but ultimately you will get the great feeling of love and fulfillment of giving a dog a second chance.

Some of the advantages of adopting a small dog are that they do not take up to much space. Renting or owning a small home, such as an apartment is perfect for a small a dog since it will be comfortable and have enough space to play. And if you rent your landlord may not have a problem with a small indoor dog, especially compared to a large dog. Another advantage of adopting small dogs is that exercising them takes only a few minutes at a time, about 15 minutes running or 25 minutes walking. Most small dogs have low energy levels, but remember there are some exceptions such as the Jack Russell.

When searching to adopt a small dog always consider these major factors. Small children and small dogs don’t mix, and high energy people and small dogs are a bad combination. Before deciding on a particular small breed dog, do go and visit the local shelter and rescue groups, since most of them do have a large selection of small breed dogs.

paw print Adoption Centers for Dogs

dog rescue agenciesIf you’re searching to adopt a pet and you’re not quite sure where to start, I suggest going to a local shelter or dog rescue group. You might be surprised to find adoption centers are very professional and well organized. Most adoption centers are non-profit organizations conduct their business via volunteer work. Any kind of help you can provide, like adopting a dog or pet or by donating money, will be of great help.

Most adoption centers have in-house vets, trainers, behavior specialists, handlers, and other staff, which help dogs to become adoptable candidates. Dog adoption is taken very seriously by dog rescue groups. At adoption centers, dogs are socialized, trained (behavior and potty), spayed or neuter and are given their initial set of shots. Some centers might even go the extra mile and install an identification chip. Adoption centers go through great lengths to give you a very healthy dog, unlike breeders, which may sell a sick dog just to recoup their investment.

When walking into an adoption center, be prepared to fill out adoption forms and to be interviewed. Today many of the adoption centers do this because they want to make sure their dogs are going to the ideal home. They want to make sure the new family and the dog are a perfect match. The last thing they want to see is one of their dogs or other pets be returned. The adoption fees range from $100-$300, which in most case turns out to be more affordable than buying from a breeder. The fees go towards helping rescue other dogs and to the cover health expenses of your new animal.

The majority of shelter dogs are mutts or mixed breed dogs, but remember a dog is a dog, and they will give you the same love and attention that a pure breed will.

If you don’t have a lot of time to visit the local shelters or rescue groups, take advantage of the internet. However by visiting the local shelter, you can meet many dogs up close and personal. You might even find more than one new friend there.

paw print Adopting a Teacup Yorkie

yorkshire adoptionOne of the most popular breeds today is Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies or Teacup Yorkies. One of the reasons why this breed is so popular is because of the recent media attention Hollywood has given to them. Yorkshires belong to the toy size breeds, and people assume that because they are so little, they never grow old, but that’s not the truth. Yorkies have the same life span and life stages as any other breed.

If you are considering buying or adopting a Yorkie, I recommend you do some window shopping at your local adoption center. Another resource for researching Yorshire Terriers is the Internet. There are several websites dedicated to the adoption and rescue of Yorkies. Yorshire organizations such as Yorkshire Terrier Rescue, United Yorkie Rescue, adopt-a-yorkie, yorkiesinc have many Yorkshire Terriers waiting to be adopted. By adopting a Yorkshire; you are giving them a second chance. The adoption fee for Yorkshire Terriers range from $100-$500, compared to the often thousands of dollars when buying a Yorkshire. When adopting a Yorkie, or any other type of dog breed, be prepared to be interviewed and fill out a adoption form. Many dog adoption centers follow this process because they want to match you with the perfect Yorkshire, since their personalities vary.

One of the major problems with buying a Yorkshire from a breeder is there is never a full guarantee of the kind of dog you’re getting for your money. As recent cases show, many Yorkie puppies which have been bought from breeders come with many health problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, parasites and other major health issues. One issue which has grown in the recent years is liver shunt which may lead to liver failure. On the other hand, animal shelters, rescue groups and other adoption center, do an outstanding job understanding and resolving dog’s issues, such as social problems, behavior problems, and health issues before they are given out for adoption.

When people buy Teacup Yorkshires, and other breeds, they may be buying for the wrong reasons. To start with, most people want to buy puppies. There is a common mistake people make when buying a Yorkie: they believe that if they are able to raise a dog from a young age, they will be able to train them and/or have them adjust easier. In reality that’s not the case. Puppies are like small children, and they take a lot of time, patience and supervision. And sadly because Yorkshires and other breeds are bought for the wrong reasons, they will end up at shelters and possibly euthanized.

paw print Dog Adoption Agencies

dog rescue centers

Visit your local shelter, humane society, or any animal rescue center, and I can guarantee you, that you’ll find a dog up for adoption. Adoption centers are over crowded with dogs waiting to be adopted. The majority of dogs up to be adopted are mutts, or mixed breed, but there’s always the exception. Sometimes you’ll be surprised to find mix breeds are better pets than a pure breed dog. They often have comparable qualities to a pure breed, and most importantly can love you just the same as a pure breed dog. You can find mutts, of all the ages and sizes, in every shelter. All you got to do is research to find the perfect companion.

There are many rescue groups that specializes in rescuing pure breeds. If you’re looking to adopt a pure breed, I recommend by starting research through The website has many local, out of county, and out of state shelters. They also provide a list of rescue groups that specializes in the rescue of a particular breed.

Dogs that are waiting at an adoption center have a limited time to be adopted. From the time they are rescued they have about 2 weeks to a month to be adopted otherwise they’ll be euthanized, or killed. There are however many organizations that operate no-kill shelters. This means that when they rescue a dog or pet they will not kill the dog no matter the circumstances. They will wait until the dog finds a permanent home.

There is a commonly held myth about dogs up for adoption; many people think that a dog is at a dog rescue because there’s something terribly wrong with the dog. The truth is most dogs that are originally purchased from breeders, were bought for the wrong reasons. When dog owners give up their dogs it is most likely because they weren’t a good match for the person and they couldn’t continue taking care of the dog anymore. Perhaps you will find your perfect match taking in someone else’s puppy or adult dog.

paw print Dogs for Adoption in Florida

Florida, the sunshine state, like many other states has a growing problem. Shelters are being over crowded by dogs and other pets. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is owners are not responsible enough to spay or neuter their canines. There are millions of dogs, many mix breeds, waiting to be adopted in shelters as well as pure breed rescue groups.

Ever since the internet was available to most consumers, searching and finding adoptable dogs has become an easier task. If you’re looking to adopt a dog from Florida, an out of state dog, or just simply searching to adopt a dog and you live in Florida, here are some reliable website that can help you with your search:, and

Before adopting a dog do some researcher on the type of dog that will fit well with the geography and weather in Florida. Florida is warm weather state, and dogs that have thick furs might be a bad fit. However, the exception to the rule is if the dog is regularly groomed (remember not to shave off all their fur as it serves to protect them from the sun), has a cool or shaded area, and gets plenty of water and exercise. Satisfying these conditions will help any dog live comfortably almost anywhere.

Every state, city and county has laws that protect dogs and other animals. Florida like many other states has specific laws, rules and regulations that must be followed when adopting a dog. You can find information about these laws at by clicking on Florida Statues. There you’ll find important information that will be handy when adopting a dog.

Adopting a dog or any kind of animal is a great responsibility, think before adopting.

paw print Dog Adoption in California

A few of the great things about living in California are the weather and the geography. You can find both warm weather and cool climates and the terrain consists of mountains, forests, desserts, and long winding coastlines. With all these beautiful characteristics, California still has many growing problems, one of those being the over population of dogs in animal shelters and rescue centers. In the State of California there’s so much free help provided to dog owners and other pet lovers. However, resources are weakening.

If you’re trying to adopt a pet in California, or you live in California and you need reliable information on adoptable dogs, whether they are a pure or mutts, a resource to use is This site can also help you find rescue groups, or shelters within you local area. Since most rescue groups, shelters and adoption center are non-profit organizations, they also provide plenty of volunteer information on their website. All that’s required to search through the website is to know your zip code.

The majority of dog adoptions in California go through a process of filling out informational forms and an interview of the person that will be responsible for the dog. There may also be a fee, which helps to cover the expenses of the facility and benefits other needy dogs. Because of the mild climate in California, almost any adoptable dog can fit well in this environment. Just remember in order to maintain a healthy dog anywhere, you must exercise them, feed them and groom them regularly.

In the State of California there are specific animal rights pertaining to pets. If you want to inform yourself of the laws that protect dogs and other animals, visits the official website for the State of California at