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paw print Cerftified Dog Trainer or Do It Yourself?

Choosing a certified trainer to train your newly adopted dog might cost you a couple hundred dollars or more. Remember, just because they’re a certified trainer it doesn’t mean that they’re good. Choosing the right trainer could be a tricky task but the key for finding the right trainer is asking lots of questions.

What are your teaching credentials?
What’s your method of correction? If force or smacking a dog is their answer try another dog trainer. It’s obvious this person has no clue what he or she is doing.
Do you have references? He or she should give you at least 3 references.
What training equipment do you recommend? The correct answer should be easy and simple, a training collar, and leash. No more, no less.

If you choose a class with a certified trainer observe that trainers teaching methods before enrolling. Look for:

An indication that the instructor actually likes dogs and people.
The method used for basic commands (sit, shake). Basic commands should be easy to teach and never be forced.
The speed in which the trainer gives instructions and how the class advances. In order for dogs to learn commands they need to be taught slowly and precisely.

Choosing a do-it-yourself training system can be as good as hiring a trainer or going to a class. It might take more time but remember that you’re saving yourself a couple hundred dollars. After all, you can take the credit for your well behaved dog. First of all read a few dog training books. I suggest reading “The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book” By Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz, Bethany Brown, Christel A. Shea. This book has clear instructions, and not only does it show you training tricks but also it helps you to understand your dog’s needs. Feel free to explore other books, this is just a recommendation.

Before starting any kind of training I do suggest taking your dog for a walk or a jog for 15 – 20 min. This will help the dog to be relaxed, calm focused; and you’ll be able to teach your dog things faster. Then prepare your tools (leash, collar, treats, toys, etc) and the area which will be used for training. Know your instructions or have you dog training book close by. If you don’t know the instructions all that well you might confuse your dog and have a difficult time teaching him/her commands. When ever you dog does something right, reward him/her right away. This encourages dogs to listen to your instructions and continue training.

paw print Choosing the right dog training lessons

dog training methodsEver wonder how guide dogs and rescue dogs are so well behaved, calm under stressful situations, and extremely focused? The key of a well balanced dog is psychological and physical training, exercise and love.

There are several types of training, so don’t be fooled by just one person’s idea of dog training. I do suggest investing your money and time in training methods that involve reward training, physical conditioning, control, and socialization. Training should be reinforced on a daily bases not just when taking them to the training class, or Saturdays because it’s your free day.

Family involvement is very important, therefore before adopting a dog or buying a dog everyone in the household should agree to become dog owners. The entire family must be involved in the dog training. For dogs to understand their role in the family they have to be given a place. That is, everyone in the family should be a leader when handling the dog and the dog should be the follower.

Consistency is another important element when training your dog. If Fido was allowed to sit on the couch yesterday and today you smacked him because he was sitting on the same couch this will cause problems because: One, the humans are not consistent and two, the dog will become confused and not know right from wrong. Since a dog does not understand language structure, you must be consistent in your patterns to teach him what is expected.

Finding training which focuses on socializing your dog will help your dog develop his/her pack instincts. Social dogs are able to interact with other dogs and humans in a peaceful matter. There are great benefits for social dogs, such as being able to go to more places like dog parks, pet stores, have playmates, etc. Dogs that are not social often suffer loneliness and alienation from the outside world.

paw print Dog Adoption Massachusetts

There are estimated 40,000 dogs waiting to be adopted in the state of Massachusetts every year. Additionally, the dog population is growing at a fast rate. Massachusetts is a fairly small state and you’d be surprised to know that there are far less than 50 dog rescue centers or animal shelters within the state.

One of the most important animal centers in the state of Massachusetts is the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the MSPCA. Like many other organizations in Massachusetts the MSPCA is a non-profit organization, and any kind of donation or volunteer help will reach one of the 250,000 needy animals in the state of Massachusetts. It is important for families to adopt a dog from their local shelter and rescue organizations otherwise they’ll be euthanized. To find local or out the county information for adoptable dogs or shelters and rescue centers information in the state of Massachusetts visit the MSPCA. Adopting a dog from Massachusetts can give a chance to many other dogs with in the state.

paw print Illinois Dog Adoption

The state of Illinois is known for its large and diverse population; its balance rural and small industrial cities and a great metropolitan area. Like many other states, Illinois has a growing problem of dog overpopulation and you can help solve it.

There are a few different ways to help control dog over population in the state of Illinois. For starters, spaying or neutering is the best way to help. When you spay or neuter you are reducing dog overpopulation. Most shelters and rescue organizations offer low-cost or free spaying or neutering to Illinois residents. Call or visit your local shelter for more information on low-cost spaying and neutering.

Another great way to help is by donating. You can donate money or supplies to the local shelters or rescue groups. You can also volunteer a few hours of your time. Most organizations require a minimum of 10 hours for every 6 months. You can also adopt an animal.

There are many shelters or rescue organizations in the state of Illinois that take in abandon, abused, or unwanted dogs. Rescue organizations do a great job at preparing dogs to be adopted. Rescue center give dogs veterinary care, trained them, socialize them and prepared them for a great future with their new families. You can find dog adoption center by visiting Illinois NetPets. Remember: when searching for a dog to be equally as open to breed, age and sex.

paw print State of New York

The State of New York has many great shelters and adoption centers within its counties. If you’re looking for a particular breed, size or gender, that won’t be a problem. You can search through the hundreds of rescue groups in the State of New York and be assured you will find a new dog friend.

Before adopting please consider all aspects of dog adoption. Shelters and rescue groups want to make sure that their dogs go to home for good. Adopt a New York dog!

paw print San Diego Dog Adoption

San Diego has many dog shelters where you will find the perfect dog. Dog adoption in San Diego is taken very serious by shelter and dog rescue organizations. Today rescue centers maintain a vigorous adoption process. Prospective dog owners fill out an adoption application, are interviewed by canine counselors and if they meet all the qualifications, they pay a fee of $90 – $150.

Because there are so many dogs waiting to be adopted in San Diego it’s recommended to spay or neuter you dog. In every city and state, including San Diego, there’s an overpopulation problem which can be solved by spaying or neutering. The city of San Diego offer low cost neutering or spaying, so please take the time to spay or neuter your dog.

Every city and state has laws which protect dogs and other animals. There are also rules and regulation pet owners must follow. You can find the law by visiting the San Diego Animal Services webpage.

paw print Guide Dog Adoption

guide dog rescueGuide dogs work as a mobility tool to assist the blind and visually impaired. Guide dogs are chosen at an early age by their willingness to play along with other traits. The most common guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. The training consists of a 3 year apprenticeship with guide dog trainers. The 3 year apprenticeship is designed to offer hands-on experience for the dogs. Once the dogs graduate and become guide dogs their formal training/work begins. The duration of training for guide dogs is 6 – 8 years. During training years guide dogs are constantly working on developing and maintaining their skills.

Each guide dog works independent from one another and they are expected to fulfill all the requirements of Guide Dogs of America and the state board. Dogs that do not meet the standards will cease training and become career-change dogs. Once training has stopped, guide dogs retire and they are given up for adoption. Trainers and handlers have the first choice for adoptions, and for the most part many choose to adopt. In other cases dogs who are not adopted by their trainers and handles are given up for public adoption. That is, any person can adopt them, as long as they meet the adoption requirement for adopting a guide dog.

There is a high demand for these retired guide dogs, or career change dogs and guide dog rescue organization have a waiting list of 4 years or longer. If you’re looking to adopt a career change dog or retired guide dog anytime soon, I suggest checking your local shelter or other dog rescue organizations. It is possible that some career change dogs might be given to shelters or dog rescue centers. However, there are other dogs waiting to be adopted that will win your heart.

paw print Los Angeles Dog Adoption

Los Angeles, also known as LA, is located in the southern part of California. Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the U.S. and is famous for Hollywood and their famous movie studios. Los Angeles also holds a record number of shelters and dog rescue centers so finding the perfect dog shouldn’t be too difficult. One of the major problems within the canine world is the surplus of unwanted dogs.

Adopting a dog is a serious responsibility and you should consider all the factors before adopting. In order to adopt a dog, dog rescue groups and shelters have to match you with the right dog. You fill out an adoption application and then interviewed. This is done to ensure that the dog and adopter will be compatible. They also want to make sure the dog is going to become a long standing member of your family. Lastly, you’ll pay an adoption fee; the adoption fee can range from $90 – $150 and it all goes to helping other dogs in need. Another way to help is by donating money or supplies, or by volunteering.

It’s important that if you live in the L.A. area to spay or neuter your dogs. There are far more benefits for neutering or spaying than leaving your dog unaltered. In Los Angeles there are many low cost spay or neuter clinics
which can help those in a tight budget.

Los Angeles has a dense population of dogs and the majority of them are waiting to be adopted in a shelter or dog rescue center. Please visit your local shelter and adopt an L.A dog.

paw print Chihuahua Dog Adoption

One of the most common dog breeds is the Chihuahua; the majority of people are able to recognize this little, furry dog. There are two types of Chihuahua dogs, smooth short coat and long coat. Chihuahua dogs can range in a variety of colors, and their weight and height fluctuate depending on the life style; such as a show dog, family dog, or a dog used for breeding purposes. Chihuahuas are very small dogs and they are the smallest breed recorded at the AKC.

It is believed that Chihuahuas descended from the Techichi, an ancient dog from Central America. There are other theories that Chihuahuas where brought over from Europe however, Chihuahua dogs obtained their name because they were officially discovered in the late 1800′s in the northern state of Mexico, Chihuahua.

When adopting a purebred Chihuahua they can be insolent yet delicate and need lots of pampering. Due to their sensitive nature and their tiny size, it is recommended that families with young children do not adopt such as small pet like a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas mixes, or mutts, often gain the better traits of the pure breed and also don’t suffer the health consequences of inbreeding. You can find pure breed and mix Chihuahua dogs for adoption in your local shelter or dog rescue organization. Another great way to find adoptable Chihuahuas is by searching through the internet. Chihuahua Rescue and Transport and chihuahua rescue groups are great site to find available local Chihuahua rescues.

paw print Washington Dog Adoption

Washington Dog Adoption

Looking to adopt a dog in Washington? Washington has many shelters and dog rescue groups. Finding the perfect match won’t be much trouble. Remember, dog adoption is a life long commitment and it is important to consider all aspect of your lifestyle before adopting a dog. The last thing shelters and dog rescue groups in Washington want to see is their dog being returned to them.

Instead of buying from a breeder adopt a dog from Washington.

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