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Many people face the choice of buying a dog or adopting one. Though adopting is more affordable and has way more benefits, many opt for buying a dog. Thought, as it has been stated here before, always do your research. By researching you’ll find if the dog you want is a good match for you and your lifestyle.

Buying a dog is expensive, especially if they’re puppies. Puppies, depending on the breed, can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars. If you’re buying a dog make sure the breeders is a reputable breeder. You can ensure this by asking for references and by asking previous buyers of their overall satisfaction of the breeder. Breeders should know of the dog’s DNA and of their history and background. When buying a dog from a reputable breeder you are being ensured that the dog is healthy and pure breed. You also know the exact dates and history of the dog. (Health issues, champion blood, etc.)

Dogs for sale in pet stores are usually dogs from puppy mills or irresponsible backyard breeders. Yes, the puppy might look cute and cuddly, but the truth is many puppy mills are cruel to their dogs and breed very unhealthy dogs. You are only contributing to the continuous operation of the facility and animal cruelty when purchasing via this method.

Remember, buying a dog is a lifetime commitment; don’t buy a dog just because he or she is cute.

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dog breed rescueChoosing the right dog can be a tedious mission, but it’s important to find the perfect match. Dog adoption process is all about looking for that special dog to share your life with. There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t do the research on the right dog for you. One, it’s a waste of time and money. Second, shelters don’t want to see another dog being returned or given up on again. There are two types of dogs to choose to adopt from, pure breed dogs and mix dogs, or mutts. Selecting the right dog will take background research and also knowledge of the type of lifestyle the dog had prior to adopting.

There are many mutts or mix dog breeds waiting to be adopted. Finding the background and history of a mutt can be tricky and/or confusing. By far there are more benefits to adopting a mutt than a pure breed. Mutts tend not to suffer as many health problems as pure breeds, such as diseases and genetic disorders. Put it this way, you get two or more breeds for the price of one, and one generally with better health.

Pure breeds, however, are easier to research their background and are more predictable. The American Kennel Club, or AKC, recognizes many of these pure breeds and also has information of their background and origination. Pure breeds are divided into different groups:

The sporting groups are naturally energetic and alert. Many have extraordinary intuitions in the water and the woods. All of theses breeds require regular exercise.

The hound groups were originally created to hunt. Many have amazing abilities like speed and smell. Similar to the sporting groups, hounds are naturally active and watchful. Exercise and mental challenges are a must!

The working group are dogs that where bred to perform jobs like guarding, pulling sleds, and performing rescues. Working dogs are quick learners, have strong solid bodies and make great companions. Because the majority of working dogs are large breeds, do evaluate all the possibilities: food, exercise, space, family, etc.

The terrier group is mostly composed of small or medium size dogs. Their tolerance level toward other dogs and children is low but by socializing them at an early age their tolerance level can be increase. The majority of them do require special grooming since they have wiry coats. Their energy level varies and personality too.

The toy group is composed of small or diminutive size dogs and many are feisty little things. This group is appropriate for small or compact homes. It is preferable not to adopt a toy dog if you have small children. Exercise is not as necessary but it is important. The cost and care for toy dogs is less than a larger dog.

The non-sporting group varies in size, coat, and personality too. There are no specifics on how they’re supposed to look and overall appearance. They weren’t bred for any specific purpose. However, non-sporting dogs are meant to be great companion.

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Texas is the largest state the United States and it also holds the record for number of dog shelters and dog rescue organizations. Dog adoption in Texas is done just like in many other states. The adoption process includes an adoption application, and interview, a home visit and finally the choosing of the correct dog.

If you’re looking to adopt a pure breed, it is estimated that more than half of the dogs that enter a dog shelter or dog rescue organization in Texas will be a pure breed. Finding a pure breed in Texas won’t be hard, you can look in specific breed rescue groups and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find the dog you’re looking for. For those who are not looking for specific breeds, the majority of dogs in shelter and rescue organizations are mutts. Mutts are dog mixes; they’re as good as pure breeds and sometimes better. Contact of visit your local shelter
to find that special dog in your life.

Adopting a dog is serious decision, and a lifetime commitment. Doing a self assessment will help in deciding whether to adopt a dog or not. Adopting a dog is like giving it a second lease on life.

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Every year in the State of Georgia about 30,000 dogs are turned in to shelters. Yet only 10 percent of these dogs are adopted. Dog adoption in Georgia has improved through out the years. Today the adoption process is done by filling an adoption application, an interview, sometimes a home visit and then finally an introduction to your perfect dog.

There are thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescue organizations in Georgia. Visit your local dog shelter or dog rescue organization to adopt a dog. Finding rescue centers or dog shelters in Georgia has become easier with the internet and now you can adopt a dog from different counties in Georgia, or from other local shelters. If you’re looking for a specific breed, there are many rescue organizations that specialize in the rescue of specific breeds.

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, therefore it’s very important to find a dog that matches your lifestyle. Georgia’s shelters and rescue groups do a great job matching families with dogs, but I still recommend for you to do some research before adopting any animal.