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Arizona Animal Rescue

paw print Healthiest Dog Food Choices

What is the healthiest dog food you can buy or make? This is a question that is likely to be debated by the experts. Many dog owners are making raw food concoctions for their pets. Obviously raw meat would most closely resemble what Fido would eat in the wild. There are some drawbacks with using raw food diets for a modern canine, however.

The first consideration might be the work involved, chopping beef roasts and the like. Meat is also expensive, so a raw food diet for your healthy dog could cost too much to be practical. A final reason to be wary of a raw diet, though, is that salmonella is sometimes present in uncooked meat. While the salmonella might not make your pet sick, it can be transferred to you or even your small child when your dog gives you a friendly lick.

So how do the basic brands of dog food from the supermarket stack up when it comes to nutrition and safety? The fact is, thousands of pet food products have been recalled in recent years because of toxins. In addition to this risk, most dog foods are mainly made up of corn or other grains along with a little bit of animal by-products to make it palatable to the dog. Grains do not make the healthiest dog food.

Several brands of dog food are on the market which use human grade ingredients and don’t overload your dog with grains. The Honest Kitchen makes high quality dehydrated raw dog food. Natura Pet makes a product called “Evo” that is a healthy non-grain dog food.

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe is a website that has lots of information about natural health for both people and animals. Check out this page for information about a healthy diet for your dog.

paw print Japanese Chin Adoption

The Japanese Chin is an adorable little dog that is very popular. It is sometimes confused with the Pekingese, the Lhasa Apso, and the Shi Tzu. It is a small dog, usually not over 12 inches tall at the withers, and is compactly built, with its body length about the same as its height. The coat of a Japanese Chin is long and silky like human hair. It is a companion dog and should live indoors.

If you want to adopt a Japanese Chin, there are several helpful websites, one is called JCCare . If you click on the “Regional Reps” link, you will get a list of Chin rescue efforts from many different states. People who love the Japanese Chin have become involved in shelters around the country. Another website devoted to the effort is Lucky Chin Adoptions.

Why would you want to adopt a Chin from a rescue shelter instead of a pet store? In all too many cases, puppies that have been produced by breeders have not been cared for in a humane fashion. Not only that, there are thousands of dogs that are euthanized every day simply because they have no homes. The very thought of breeding dogs to produce more puppies seems unethical in light of that fact.

The people at Lucky Chin Adoptions go so far as to purchase puppies from puppy mills when necessary to save the dogs from a life as a breeding dog. Adopted Chins will have to be spayed or neutered, and you will be expected to pay an adoption fee of $200 or more.

paw print Small Dogs for Adoption

Many people prefer small dogs over larger ones. They can be much easier to care for, since they make smaller messes. In addition, some people are a little bit afraid of larger dogs, but small dogs don’t generally pose much of a threat, even if they are vocal watch dogs! If you are looking for a small dog, there are small dog adoption agencies everywhere.

If you know what breed you want to adopt, check out the availability online. Many animal rescue shelters are dedicated to a particular breed of dog.

A very informative webpage about small dog adoptions is You can sign up for email alerts about small dogs available in your area. There is also helpful information about small dogs. Adoption will be much more successful if you have done your homework and know about your dog before you bring it home.

When you adopt a small dog, consider whether you really want a puppy or if an adult dog would work better for you. There are many advantages to adopting a grown dog. For one thing, not only is the dog usually already housebroken, but their bladders are fully developed so that they can hold it much longer than a puppy can. Adult dogs are also much less likely to destroy everything in sight.

If you have your heart set on a purebred small dog, here is a fact that will surprise you. About one-fourth of all the dogs in rescue shelters are purebreds! Shelter dogs are not “bad” dogs that couldn’t make it in their adoptive homes. There are many reasons a dog may end up in a shelter, and chances are very good that you can find a wonderful companion when you adopt a small dog.

paw print Chicago Dog Rescue Options

If you live in the Chicago area and are interested in adopting or assisting rescued dogs, you have a lot of options. An organization called CARE (Community Animal Rescue Effort) has a list of Chicago pet adoption facilities posted on its website.

Several Chicago pet adoptions facilities are making use of the “Meet Your Match” program from the ASPCA. This is an assessment that is done both of the adopter and of the dog, which color codes both in an attempt to make a perfect match between pet and owner. (There are MYM materials for cats, too.) Dogs are categorized according to whether they are externally, internally or socially motivated, and by their energy level.

Is your perfect pet pal a couch potato, a goof-ball, or the life of the party? Take the quiz at the dog rescue shelter, and find out. Then you can meet the dogs that are available which fit that particular profile. In all their are nine canine personality types identified for those who want to adopt a dog. Chicago is not the only city to implement this program, so if you are somewhere else, it’s likely you can find a shelter which will offer it.

In addition to dog rescue Chicago and the surrounding area have shelters for cats, parrots, ferrets, and reptiles.

paw print Animal Rescue Agencies: Dedicated to Saving Lives

Animal rescue agencies can be found everywhere, and with good reason. The plight of unwanted animals is heartbreaking to most people. Owning a dog is a popular trend. Unfortunately, most people live busy lives and have barely enough time to keep one or two dogs properly. The result is that many of these animals wind up in rescue facilities.

Have you thought about starting a rescue? The best advice is to volunteer at existing rescue agencies and learn the ropes. Operating a dog rescue is very much like running a business, and money is almost always tight. It is not a small matter of making room for a few unwanted pooches. In addition to the money required, the amount of work involved in properly caring for several dogs can be staggering.

Instead of starting your own rescue, there may be practical things you can do to help one that is already in existence. In addition to volunteering to help with the care of the dogs, you can also be involved in fundraising or community education. Just having a bumper sticker about spaying and neutering could help avoid a heartbreaking end for a litter of puppies!

Rescue agencies vary in type from sanctuaries and no-kill facilities, to rescues devoted to a particular breed, to large community facilities run by the local Humane Society. If you have a heart for homeless dogs, any of these would be thrilled to have you volunteer your time or money to help them.

Here’s an article about things you can do to help your local shelter.

paw print California Dog Adoptions

If you live in California and want to adopt a dog, a good website to check out is At this site you can view pictures and descriptions of all types of dogs, large and small, who need loving homes.

Particularly needy are the trendy small dogs sometimes called “designer dogs.” People take in a tiny puppy that they can carry around in a pocket, and then lose interest in it when it gets a little bigger. Many of these dogs wind up in shelters, even though they still make excellent pets. Sometimes people neglect to have these little dogs spayed or neutered, so unwanted puppies are soon on the scene.

Another place for Californians to find a dog to adopt is Many of the dogs available from rescue shelters are purebreds. While you won’t have registration papers, you can still find the breed of dog you desire. There are rescue facilities all over the state dedicated to various breeds. Scroll down to see the California list at Make sure you know the characteristics of the breed you think you want. Remember, too, that with patient training, most dogs can overcome their inborn difficulties.

paw print Greyhounds, Puppies, are Potential Family Members

Greyhounds are wonderful dogs. They are clean, well-mannered, and affectionate. Retired racers usually need a loving home where they can live out their final years with comfort and companionship. But maybe you have your heart set on a puppy, and would even like to explore the world of greyhound racing.

The Humane Society website contains an article on the facts of greyhound racing. Overall, it is not considered to be a humane activity for the dogs involved. Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed each year, either because they have become too old to run and no one has adopted them, or they are puppies who aren’t of high enough quality to make it as a racer.

Owning a greyhound is a big responsibility. You must understand that a greyhound’s innate nature is to run. If you do not have an absolutely secure fenced yard, the dog will always need to be on some sort of a leash. Fortunately, they do well inside, but are often happiest with another greyhound to pal around with. They will need to run several times a week, so keep that in mind. A great website to peruse to learn more about adopting greyhounds and greyhound puppies is

paw print Adopting a Dog is Not for Everybody

Have you thought about adopting a dog? It’s a great way to add a fun new member to your family. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, however. Owning a dog is a big responsibility.

Choosing an adult dog for adoption can reduce some of the responsibility and can provide a new life for an older dog. Here are a few of the advantages to adopting a grown dog instead of a puppy. Adult dogs are often already familiar with house breaking and the rules of being indoors. Grown dogs are less likely to chew everything in sight. Also, you can probably find out some details about the dog’s personality.

A very informative website for anyone interested in adding a dog to their family is On the home page alone, you will find a thorough list of questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you would make a good dog owner. There are also facts about adopting older dogs.

Of course, most people choose to adopt a puppy because they are cute. Another advantage to choosing a puppy is that you can rear the dog to fit into your family. Puppies require a lot of patience and time, however, so make sure you think your decision through carefully.

paw print Senior Dog Rescue Can Be a Joy

There’s something really special about an older dog. In many cases, senior dogs have been left behind when their human companion dies or moves into assisted living. Adopting an older dog can be a real joy because most of them are well housebroken and don’t require the patience a puppy needs.

Many organizations have arisen around the country which can put you in touch with that senior dog that would fit your life perfectly, one such organization is Old Dog Haven.

Old Dog Haven points out these facts about senior dog rescue. Often they have medical problems that require veterinary care, and can be challenging to deal with. Thyroid medicine is often needed, and many older dogs have arthritis bad enough that they can’t handle stairs. When they are no longer allowed to live with their human companion, whatever the reason, they are often either left at the shelter or kept in a back yard where the people pay little attention to them.

Even though their chances of adoption are slim, these dogs still make devoted, loving pets. If you have room in your home and your life, consider taking on one of these old friends.

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