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paw print Choosing Dog Bathtubs

Even if you send your dog to the groomers, dog owners need to be able to wash their dog at home. Most people have probably tried bathing their dogs in the family bathtub, or if the dog is small enough, the kitchen sink. Another option is to purchase your pooch a dog bathtub of his very own. Sure it may sound a little crazy, but consider the benefits of using dog bathtubs- like saving money on groomer fees and saving your bathtub from being scratched up by your pooch’s nails.

When considering what kind of dog bathtub to purchase, you need to first determine what size you will need. Simply measure your dog’s length and height to make sure your dog will fit comfortably inside the tub. Also, you will need to make sure you have a way of securing your dog in the tub while grooming him. Fortunately most dog bathtubs come with a collar system to hold your pooch in place and provide space to hold your supplies for easy access.

There are quite a few different types of dog bathtubs to select from. After obtaining the measurements of your dog, you can next decide what features you want. Some tubs are portable, so you can set it up when you need it and put it away when you’re done. Some however require installation and will need their own area, such as the utility room.

Another important feature to consider is how to control the temperature and flow of water. A hand held nozzle is a great choice since it will allow you to control the water flow and a drainage system is very handy to deal with all the hair your dog looses each time you bath him. However, if the drain is too little it could get clogged when trying to empty the bath water and no one likes digging hair balls out of the drain.

Now the first few times you wash you dog in the new bathtub he might bit nervous, but if you use it regularly your dog may grow to love it. Since grooming is seen as an act of love, your dog will be able to relax if you take your time the first few times you use the new tub. It’s important to take the time to bond with your dog while he is in the collar restraint; this will not only help you get the job done faster, but it will also help your dog relax and take pleasure in the new home spa.