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paw print Greyhounds, Puppies, are Potential Family Members

Greyhounds are wonderful dogs. They are clean, well-mannered, and affectionate. Retired racers usually need a loving home where they can live out their final years with comfort and companionship. But maybe you have your heart set on a puppy, and would even like to explore the world of greyhound racing.

The Humane Society website contains an article on the facts of greyhound racing. Overall, it is not considered to be a humane activity for the dogs involved. Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed each year, either because they have become too old to run and no one has adopted them, or they are puppies who aren’t of high enough quality to make it as a racer.

Owning a greyhound is a big responsibility. You must understand that a greyhound’s innate nature is to run. If you do not have an absolutely secure fenced yard, the dog will always need to be on some sort of a leash. Fortunately, they do well inside, but are often happiest with another greyhound to pal around with. They will need to run several times a week, so keep that in mind. A great website to peruse to learn more about adopting greyhounds and greyhound puppies is

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