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Big dogs are very different from one another. From the very beginning, big dogs where bred for different purposes like hunting, sporting, or working.

Before adopting a big dog or giant dog, think of all the characteristics you do and/or don’t want in a dog. If you know you have the time and dedication please do adopt a big dog. To find big or giant adoptable dogs visit your local shelter. Keep in mind when searching to adopt a big dog, you may not always find the exact pure breed you’re looking for. Keep your options open, and think about adopting one of the many big size mutts you may find. Large size mutts have the same or better life expectancy than a pure breed.

Because of their big size, big dogs are not well suited to small, compact homes. When adopting a big dog always be realistic about their size; especially if your adopting a young dog, or a puppy. Remember, they will grow to be large animals. Big dogs and giant dogs need to be taught boundaries at an early age or the moment they are welcomed into your home. Boundaries such as not jumping on people, not sitting on top of furniture and more importantly let them know that your home is not their territory.

Not all big dogs are high energy dogs. Surprisingly many of them turn out to be couch potatoes. Still big dogs need exercise. I recommend using a stretchable doggy back pack to add weight when exercising the dog. Doggy back packs are usually strapped around the torso area and they do not harm the animal whatsoever. To add more fun, fill the doggy back pack with something useful that can add weight, such as water, portable bowl, treats, and toys.

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