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paw print The Basics of Caring For Big Size Dogs

Caring for each unique breed of dog has its own set of challenges. However, caring for big size dogs requires a couple very special considerations which are not quite as big of an issue with the smaller breed dogs.

The first care consideration for big size dogs is their need to have a lot of space to run and play in. Large breed dogs need ample yard space to get the exercise they need each day. In addition, the big size dogs need to be walked each and every day to help them have adequate exercise to stave off potential problems with obesity and joint issues.

Large breed dogs are much more prone to hip and joint problems as they age than small breed dogs. As you can imagine, this is due to their larger size and weight. To help avoid these problems, it is important to visit your vet regularly for check-ups and have your dog’s hips and joints carefully checked.

Big size dogs can do some serious harm to people if they are not trained well. While a small dog can easily bite someone, just as a large dog can, a big size dog can do much more devastating damage. For this reason, all large dogs need to be well trained, starting when they are puppies.

While caring for large and small dogs have a lot of similarities, such as feeding quality food, offering clean drinking water, and walking regularly, it is especially important to train a large dog well, walk them as much as possible, and have their hips and joints checked regularly by your veterinarian.

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