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If you are contemplating adding a new dog to your family, think about adopting from a humane society or animal shelter. Not only will you get a good feeling from aiding a homeless dog, but you’ll get a wonderful companion. The shelter and rescue organization staff carefully checks the animals for good temperament and health.

At a shelter, you can find almost any age, breed and size of dog. If you have made up your mind that you want a puppy, a rescue shelter is a good place to look. Keep in mind though that if you want a more mature dog, that is probably already housebroken, you’ll also find these canines at animal rescue centers.

When you arrive at a shelter, a questionnaire will need to be filled out. An adoption counselor will then meet with you to help you find the right dog to fit your family and lifestyle. Be aware that different shelters may have different requirements before an adoption can take place, so make sure you ask questions when meeting with the counselor. This is also your chance to find out about the dogs at the shelter. Below are a few good questions to ask:

- Does the dog have any behavior problems?
- Why is the dog available?
- Does the dog have any health problems?
- How is the dog with other animals and children?

Keep in mind the reason why most dogs are in rescue shelters and if you don’t have the time to properly look after this new commitment, please reconsider adoption of dogs.

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