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Not everyone is ready for all the hard work that goes into caring for a new puppy. If this is sounds like you, then you might want to think about adopting an adult or senior dog from your local animal shelter.

You may be wonder why dogs in a rescue shelters. Well many of these dogs come from happy homes and the owners had no option but to give the dogs up. There are could be numerous reasons for this, such as a conflict with allergies, a new baby, moving or sickness. Unfortunately, there are cases where dogs have been poorly treated and will need a lot of hard work and care before they are completely integrated into a new home. Only families without little children and knowledgeable dog owners should take on a traumatized dog.

Paying a visit to an animal shelter can be an emotional experience for any dog lover. It’s hard to see all the dogs in their cages and not desire to take them all home. Having such feelings are understandable and estimable; however, just be sure that before a dog adopttion take place that you have thought about all the consequences. And remember, your new best friend is waiting for you at your local rescue shelter.

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