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paw print What to Consider When Adoptin a Dog

It can be very hard for a dog lover to pick a rescue dog, because every dog that they see at a shelter will be crying out to be taken home. It is important to be practical during this process. A key decision to make before you even visit the animal shelter is what kind of dog you are looking for.

After you have made up your mind on what kind of dog is best for you, stick with it. It won’t do you any good adopting an energetic puppy when you are better suited for an adult dog. Take the time to consider how a new dog will fit into your family and home. Think about age, size, costs, feeding, grooming, exercise requirements, and so on. Make sure you work with an adoption counselor at the rescue shelter to ensure you are adoptin a dog that’s right for you!

Here are a few things to look out for when visiting shelters and rescue groups:

Attitude to other dogs – observe the dog you have an interest in with other dogs and be wary of aggressive or submissive behavior.
Aggression – even the smallest amount of aggression should be a warning
Submission (in an adult dog) – bowing his head, lying on his back, possibly even urinating a little

Shelters will usually require that you spend time with the dog along with any other family members and pets. This is an important step in the process to ensure that everyone in the household will get along with the new dog before bring them home.

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