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The majority of people have heard about the pet overpopulation dilemma in the United States. The amount of overpopulation and humane euthanasia used to control the problem is appalling. Depending on the source, the annual figures for animals being euthanized range from four million to 15 million. However, we can combat this serious problem with two solutions: spay and neuter pets and adopt homeless animals.

Like many other industries, animal adoption groups are using the Web to reach a larger audience. This gives people the convenience to view photos and read descriptions of available dogs. Dogs found in rescue shelters are there for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: dogs rescued from abuse or neglect, owners moving and cannot take their dog, or the owner becomes ill and can no longer care for the dog. There are also many breed rescue groups if you are looking for a particular dog.

Most online rescue and shelter groups are nonprofit. These groups are frequently in need of supply and monetary donations, along the volunteers. It is important to help support these groups, so they can continue their important work. If you are interested in helping, look for the ‘how you can help’ links found on many shelter sites. Here are a couple of websites to help you get started with your shelters search: &

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