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The first Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred in Switzerland by farmers to drive cattle, haul products and protect the family. Over the years this extraordinary dog has become a family companion, and the perfect helpmate. Bernese Mountain Dogs have an affinity for children which makes them very popular among families with young children. Bernese Mountain Dog are people-loving dogs, and by nature they are gentle and obedient. However, those skills need to be developed with training, practice and rewards. An untrained Bernese Mountain Dog will still be gentle, but more of a troublemaker.

The most outstanding characteristic of a Bernese Mountain dog is their beautiful coat. The coat is mostly black with bright white and rust color markings. They weight ranges from about 65 -115 pounds, bitches being the smallest. Since Bernese Mountain Dogs are large breeds they eat more, and they need to be exercised at least once daily. The life span of Bernese Mountain dogs is only seven years, due to several genetic diseases. They are vulnerable to hip and elbow, bloat, several types of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and kidney problems.

In the United States there are thousand of dogs given up for adoption, abused or abandon every year and one of those breeds happens to be Bernese Mountain Dogs. There are also many mix breed Bernese Mountain Dogs available for adoption. To find Bernese Mountain Dogs up for adoption dogs in you state visit this link.