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Rescue Dogs
When a disaster strikes, rescue dogs will save lives.

All rescue dogs and handlers are volunteers. Handlers choose dogs at a young age. Dogs that display a strong desire to play are usually excellent candidates to become rescue dogs. A handler has to sharpen the skills of a rescue dog by way of regular training sessions but training varies according to the type of rescue. No matter the type of resuce, dogs train in different terrains and weather, in order for the dogs to be familiar during a real emergency. In order for dogs to become a certified rescue dog they have to be evaluated and tested on their ability to find victims in need. Handlers and dogs have to build a trust relationship to make the best search and rescue team possible.

There are no specific breeds used for rescues, but the most effective dogs are large breed dogs. Some of the most frequently used breeds in rescues are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Golden Retrievers. However good rescue dogs are not chosen because of their breed. They are chosen because they display the abilities and skills of a good rescue dog.

Rescue dogs usually retire at the age of 5 or 6 years old. Because of their long commitment to search and rescue, handlers and rescue dog become lifetime partners and it is very unusual for rescue dog to be given up for adoption. If you want information on becoming a rescue handler you can visit here.