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paw print Senior Dog Rescue Can Be a Joy

There’s something really special about an older dog. In many cases, senior dogs have been left behind when their human companion dies or moves into assisted living. Adopting an older dog can be a real joy because most of them are well housebroken and don’t require the patience a puppy needs.

Many organizations have arisen around the country which can put you in touch with that senior dog that would fit your life perfectly, one such organization is Old Dog Haven.

Old Dog Haven points out these facts about senior dog rescue. Often they have medical problems that require veterinary care, and can be challenging to deal with. Thyroid medicine is often needed, and many older dogs have arthritis bad enough that they can’t handle stairs. When they are no longer allowed to live with their human companion, whatever the reason, they are often either left at the shelter or kept in a back yard where the people pay little attention to them.

Even though their chances of adoption are slim, these dogs still make devoted, loving pets. If you have room in your home and your life, consider taking on one of these old friends.

paw print Senior Dog Adoption

senior dog rescueWhen searching to adopt a dog, be open to adopt a dog of any age. In this case consider adopting a senior or older dog. Don’t be deceived by senior dogs in shelters or rescue organization. Many people don’t think is a good idea to adopt a senior dog because they believe they might have health problems or they would not be as active anymore. But the reality why older of senior dogs are given up to shelters or rescue groups is the same as any other dog; owners can’t take care of them anymore, or simply just don’t want them anymore.

There are far more encouraging reasons for adopting a senior dog over adopting a puppy. Unlike puppies, senior and older dogs are already house trained, and grown and done with the puppy phase. You won’t find your best pair of shoes chewed. They know better than that since they have passed the puppy stage and learned to behave. Also, older dogs have more focus and are able to learn or adjust better and quicker to new environments then younger dogs.

Because of their experience in life, older dogs already know the meaning of NO. They have already learned what it takes to get along with other dogs and humans, and to become part of the pack. Moreover, senior dogs have completely developed (shape, size and personality) and you’ll know exactly the type of dog he or she is. Unlike puppies, with senior dogs you get what you see. Senior dogs are not as demanding as puppies or young dogs and are ready to be your true companion.

You can find senior dogs for adoption by visiting your local shelter or by searching online. Before starting your search do a self assessment on the type of person you are and the type of dog that will suite your life style best.