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paw print Four Step Guide to Adopting Puppies

Raising a puppy is a wonderful experience and adopting one in need from a shelter or rescue is incredibly rewarding. Puppies are excellent partners, playmates and family pets’ weather it is a companion for just you, or a new member of your family to bring home. Choosing the right one is a very important decision, and can turn out to be quite a difficult when faced with so many options. Fallow these steps when looking at prospective puppies to help you adopt the right one for you.

Step One: Be smart and do your research. Whether you are looking at adopting a puppy from a shelter or a rescue you will need to know what breed type will be the best fit for you and your family as an adult. For example some herding group breeds may seem like the perfect mid size dog for your condo, but keep in mind these dogs are bred to run and have the mental intensity to stare down livestock. Unless your daily routine involves a morning jog and some quality face time with your dog, they can easily become bored and turn into a destructive pet. The disposition of the breed you choose is another important factor to consider. Even though most dog’s disposition depends heavily on how its raised, breeds that tend to be calmer and have less protective/ aggressive tendencies would be a more ideal pick for a family with children.

Step Two: Get informed about immunizations and make sure the puppy you are interested in adopting is properly vaccinated. Puppies can be very vulnerable to various parasites and diseases, even rabies. Any rescue should have these records readily available for prospective owners and shelters often include vaccinations within the adoption fees.

Step Three: Perform a basic examination on your own of your prospective puppy’s eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Are the eyes alert and clear with no drainage? Are the ears clean and free of mites? How about the mouth and nose? Are the puppy’s gums a healthy light pink color? Check does the puppy have any discoloration on its skin or flaky skin? This could just be due to an allergy, but it can also be the early signs of parasitic mange or another condition. Most importantly your puppy should be breathing regularly without any wheezing or labored breathing.

Step Four: The last and best step of all is to play and interact with the puppy one on one. Any breed of puppy should be playful, energetic, and curious. Of course depending on the individual puppy’s personality, some will naturally be more timid or shy than others. This is not a sign of ill health, just an insight into their first few weeks of life or individual character. Of course any lethargy, listlessness, and droopy posture can be a sign of ill health from parasites, worms, poor nutrition or type of illness.

paw print shelters

The majority of people have heard about the pet overpopulation dilemma in the United States. The amount of overpopulation and humane euthanasia used to control the problem is appalling. Depending on the source, the annual figures for animals being euthanized range from four million to 15 million. However, we can combat this serious problem with two solutions: spay and neuter pets and adopt homeless animals.

Like many other industries, animal adoption groups are using the Web to reach a larger audience. This gives people the convenience to view photos and read descriptions of available dogs. Dogs found in rescue shelters are there for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: dogs rescued from abuse or neglect, owners moving and cannot take their dog, or the owner becomes ill and can no longer care for the dog. There are also many breed rescue groups if you are looking for a particular dog.

Most online rescue and shelter groups are nonprofit. These groups are frequently in need of supply and monetary donations, along the volunteers. It is important to help support these groups, so they can continue their important work. If you are interested in helping, look for the ‘how you can help’ links found on many shelter sites. Here are a couple of websites to help you get started with your shelters search: &

paw print Dog Adoptions Online

If you are searching for an online dog adoption website then you will be able to locate one by using your choice of search engine and typing “online pet adoption”. The results will come back with a number of sites to choose from. The better sites that offer online pet adoptions will allow you to search by zip code. Having the ability to search by zip code will show you the available dogs in your area. These sites will also give you the option to search for a specific breed, size, age and sex. Many of these sites make dog adoptions online easy and keep their fees low, usually under $100.00. So, go online today and save a dogs life.

paw print Dog Adopttion

Not everyone is ready for all the hard work that goes into caring for a new puppy. If this is sounds like you, then you might want to think about adopting an adult or senior dog from your local animal shelter.

You may be wonder why dogs in a rescue shelters. Well many of these dogs come from happy homes and the owners had no option but to give the dogs up. There are could be numerous reasons for this, such as a conflict with allergies, a new baby, moving or sickness. Unfortunately, there are cases where dogs have been poorly treated and will need a lot of hard work and care before they are completely integrated into a new home. Only families without little children and knowledgeable dog owners should take on a traumatized dog.

Paying a visit to an animal shelter can be an emotional experience for any dog lover. It’s hard to see all the dogs in their cages and not desire to take them all home. Having such feelings are understandable and estimable; however, just be sure that before a dog adopttion take place that you have thought about all the consequences. And remember, your new best friend is waiting for you at your local rescue shelter.

paw print Adoption of Dogs

If you are contemplating adding a new dog to your family, think about adopting from a humane society or animal shelter. Not only will you get a good feeling from aiding a homeless dog, but you’ll get a wonderful companion. The shelter and rescue organization staff carefully checks the animals for good temperament and health.

At a shelter, you can find almost any age, breed and size of dog. If you have made up your mind that you want a puppy, a rescue shelter is a good place to look. Keep in mind though that if you want a more mature dog, that is probably already housebroken, you’ll also find these canines at animal rescue centers.

When you arrive at a shelter, a questionnaire will need to be filled out. An adoption counselor will then meet with you to help you find the right dog to fit your family and lifestyle. Be aware that different shelters may have different requirements before an adoption can take place, so make sure you ask questions when meeting with the counselor. This is also your chance to find out about the dogs at the shelter. Below are a few good questions to ask:

- Does the dog have any behavior problems?
- Why is the dog available?
- Does the dog have any health problems?
- How is the dog with other animals and children?

Keep in mind the reason why most dogs are in rescue shelters and if you don’t have the time to properly look after this new commitment, please reconsider adoption of dogs.

paw print What to Consider When Adoptin a Dog

It can be very hard for a dog lover to pick a rescue dog, because every dog that they see at a shelter will be crying out to be taken home. It is important to be practical during this process. A key decision to make before you even visit the animal shelter is what kind of dog you are looking for.

After you have made up your mind on what kind of dog is best for you, stick with it. It won’t do you any good adopting an energetic puppy when you are better suited for an adult dog. Take the time to consider how a new dog will fit into your family and home. Think about age, size, costs, feeding, grooming, exercise requirements, and so on. Make sure you work with an adoption counselor at the rescue shelter to ensure you are adoptin a dog that’s right for you!

Here are a few things to look out for when visiting shelters and rescue groups:

Attitude to other dogs – observe the dog you have an interest in with other dogs and be wary of aggressive or submissive behavior.
Aggression – even the smallest amount of aggression should be a warning
Submission (in an adult dog) – bowing his head, lying on his back, possibly even urinating a little

Shelters will usually require that you spend time with the dog along with any other family members and pets. This is an important step in the process to ensure that everyone in the household will get along with the new dog before bring them home.

paw print Dog Adotion

Are you considering dog adotion, but not sure if you’re ready or what kind to get? A very useful website to help get you on track is Available on this site is a thorough list of questions to determine whether or not you would be a good dog owner, along with information on why adopting is a good idea and where to adopt. There is also information about adopting older dogs and puppies. There are advantages to adopting either and you should carefully consider which type would be better suited for your lifestyle. Remember that owing a dog is a great responsibility and not something to be taken lightly.

paw print Adopting a Dog is Not for Everybody

Have you thought about adopting a dog? It’s a great way to add a fun new member to your family. It is not a decision to be taken lightly, however. Owning a dog is a big responsibility.

Choosing an adult dog for adoption can reduce some of the responsibility and can provide a new life for an older dog. Here are a few of the advantages to adopting a grown dog instead of a puppy. Adult dogs are often already familiar with house breaking and the rules of being indoors. Grown dogs are less likely to chew everything in sight. Also, you can probably find out some details about the dog’s personality.

A very informative website for anyone interested in adding a dog to their family is On the home page alone, you will find a thorough list of questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you would make a good dog owner. There are also facts about adopting older dogs.

Of course, most people choose to adopt a puppy because they are cute. Another advantage to choosing a puppy is that you can rear the dog to fit into your family. Puppies require a lot of patience and time, however, so make sure you think your decision through carefully.