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paw print Are Available Adoption Dogs a Good Choice for Your Family?

When many people think about adopting a new dog into their home, they invariably think about adopting a puppy. While puppies can be fun and cute, they do grow quickly into full-sized dogs. When you are considering adoption, dogs which are already full-grown can be a better alternative than puppies in many cases.

When you look at the statistics of pet adoption, dog and cat, you find that people prefer a younger animal. However, generally a dog or cat is easier to be around and spend time with than a younger puppy or kitten. Once they have passed their growing-up stages, they are much calmer and more ready and willing to please you, as their guardian. This can help you to bond with your new pet much easier than if you get them when they are very young.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue can be a wonderful way to bring a new member into your family. While there is a certain status in pure-bred dogs from professional breeders, there is really no reason to buy an AKC registered, pure-bred dog unless you are going to show them. For most all U.S. households, a dog from a shelter or rescue is perfectly fine.

When you are considering adoption, dog rescue groups and shelters should be first on your list.