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paw print Healthiest Dog Food Choices

What is the healthiest dog food you can buy or make? This is a question that is likely to be debated by the experts. Many dog owners are making raw food concoctions for their pets. Obviously raw meat would most closely resemble what Fido would eat in the wild. There are some drawbacks with using raw food diets for a modern canine, however.

The first consideration might be the work involved, chopping beef roasts and the like. Meat is also expensive, so a raw food diet for your healthy dog could cost too much to be practical. A final reason to be wary of a raw diet, though, is that salmonella is sometimes present in uncooked meat. While the salmonella might not make your pet sick, it can be transferred to you or even your small child when your dog gives you a friendly lick.

So how do the basic brands of dog food from the supermarket stack up when it comes to nutrition and safety? The fact is, thousands of pet food products have been recalled in recent years because of toxins. In addition to this risk, most dog foods are mainly made up of corn or other grains along with a little bit of animal by-products to make it palatable to the dog. Grains do not make the healthiest dog food.

Several brands of dog food are on the market which use human grade ingredients and don’t overload your dog with grains. The Honest Kitchen makes high quality dehydrated raw dog food. Natura Pet makes a product called “Evo” that is a healthy non-grain dog food.

Shirley’s Wellness Cafe is a website that has lots of information about natural health for both people and animals. Check out this page for information about a healthy diet for your dog.