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Having a dog as a companion is a wonderful thing, but there is a huge commitment involved. Dogs need water and food, medical care and lots of attention. Sadly, with all of these duties, many people find that they can’t keep up. The consequence is a large number of unwanted pets arriving at Arizona shelter and rescue groups everyday.

When deciding to adopt a dog it is very important to choose your dog carefully. It is essential that you find a dog that best matches your personality and lifestyle. It is too often that dogs are turned into shelters because of behavior problems. Visiting your local shelter and rescue groups is highly recommended.

At the rescue shelter facility, an adoption counselor or specially-trained volunteer can help you make the best decision. A questionnaire will need to be filled out and you will get to spend some time with the dogs have been matched to you. Now that you’ve decided on the perfect dog, you only have a few more steps to complete the adoption process. You must be 18 years of age, provide photo id and have a verifiable address. The fees can range from $60 to $200 depending on the dog type and any additional options you choose, such as Microchips. However, the cost is well worth the enjoyment you will get from your new dog.

Here are a few websites to help with finding animal adoption centers in AZ:,

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