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paw print California Dog Adoptions

If you live in California and want to adopt a dog, a good website to check out is At this site you can view pictures and descriptions of all types of dogs, large and small, who need loving homes.

Particularly needy are the trendy small dogs sometimes called “designer dogs.” People take in a tiny puppy that they can carry around in a pocket, and then lose interest in it when it gets a little bigger. Many of these dogs wind up in shelters, even though they still make excellent pets. Sometimes people neglect to have these little dogs spayed or neutered, so unwanted puppies are soon on the scene.

Another place for Californians to find a dog to adopt is Many of the dogs available from rescue shelters are purebreds. While you won’t have registration papers, you can still find the breed of dog you desire. There are rescue facilities all over the state dedicated to various breeds. Scroll down to see the California list at Make sure you know the characteristics of the breed you think you want. Remember, too, that with patient training, most dogs can overcome their inborn difficulties.

paw print Dog Adoptions in San Jose

Dog adoptions in San Jose run the gamut from those that require you to visit a shelter or pound to those that are mobile and found at pet stores and community events.

You can certainly begin your search online. In fact, given traffic and the possible long distance between your home and a shelter in the greater San Jose area, it’s probably best if you begin your search for dog adoptions in San Jose online.

One of the advantages to finding dog adoptions in San Jose online is you can see dogs that are available for adoption, read their stories and get a feel for what they are like before you even begin the drive to meet them. In addition, many shelters that provide dog adoptions in San Jose place restrictions on some adoptions (such as only for children over 12 or only for homes with a large yard). Beginning your search online can save you a lot of time.

As you begin your hunt for dog adoptions in San Jose, here are some places to visit to find your perfect dog:

On the home page at the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary website, they list dog adoptions in San Jose at various Pet Smart locations in San Jose and the surrounding area. You can do your research online and then visit a local Pet Smart to meet with the dog you have become interested in.

NARF Animal Rescue
is also a good site that will help you find dog adoptions in San Jose. These dogs are usually housed in foster homes, so as you scroll through the available dogs, make note of names. When you call about the dog adoptions in San Jose, you simply provide the name of the dog and the name of the foster home.

paw print Resources for Animal Rescue Los Angeles, California

Animal rescue, Los Angeles and beyond, has been made much easier thanks to the internet. Today, a simple online search on Google will show you many options you have for finding the right animal to add to your household.

The Los Angeles Animal Services Department is the governmental agency charged with rounding up strays and lost animals and with licensing them. They offer many shelters within the Los Angeles area where you can visit and adopt an animal. They also have their own website with lots of information on pet ownership in the greater LA area.

The SPCA Las Angeles is one of the largest animal adoption agencies in the Southern California region. The SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a very large, non-profit organization which runs their own no-kill shelters, offers animal cruelty investigations, and pet ownership advice both in person and via their website.

If you are in the greater LA area and looking to adopt an animal, you should start with the Los Angeles Animal Services Department and then check with SPCA Las Angeles.

paw print San Diego Dog Adoption

San Diego has many dog shelters where you will find the perfect dog. Dog adoption in San Diego is taken very serious by shelter and dog rescue organizations. Today rescue centers maintain a vigorous adoption process. Prospective dog owners fill out an adoption application, are interviewed by canine counselors and if they meet all the qualifications, they pay a fee of $90 – $150.

Because there are so many dogs waiting to be adopted in San Diego it’s recommended to spay or neuter you dog. In every city and state, including San Diego, there’s an overpopulation problem which can be solved by spaying or neutering. The city of San Diego offer low cost neutering or spaying, so please take the time to spay or neuter your dog.

Every city and state has laws which protect dogs and other animals. There are also rules and regulation pet owners must follow. You can find the law by visiting the San Diego Animal Services webpage.

paw print Los Angeles Dog Adoption

Los Angeles, also known as LA, is located in the southern part of California. Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the U.S. and is famous for Hollywood and their famous movie studios. Los Angeles also holds a record number of shelters and dog rescue centers so finding the perfect dog shouldn’t be too difficult. One of the major problems within the canine world is the surplus of unwanted dogs.

Adopting a dog is a serious responsibility and you should consider all the factors before adopting. In order to adopt a dog, dog rescue groups and shelters have to match you with the right dog. You fill out an adoption application and then interviewed. This is done to ensure that the dog and adopter will be compatible. They also want to make sure the dog is going to become a long standing member of your family. Lastly, you’ll pay an adoption fee; the adoption fee can range from $90 – $150 and it all goes to helping other dogs in need. Another way to help is by donating money or supplies, or by volunteering.

It’s important that if you live in the L.A. area to spay or neuter your dogs. There are far more benefits for neutering or spaying than leaving your dog unaltered. In Los Angeles there are many low cost spay or neuter clinics
which can help those in a tight budget.

Los Angeles has a dense population of dogs and the majority of them are waiting to be adopted in a shelter or dog rescue center. Please visit your local shelter and adopt an L.A dog.

paw print San Francisco Dog Adoption

Located in the northern part of California, San Francisco is a one of a kind city. This beautiful city holds unrivaled attraction, and renowned entertainment. However, like many other big cities across the U.S., San Francisco also holds a major problem of dog over population.

Every year in the City of San Francisco thousands of dogs will be abused, abandoned, or given up by their owners. But amazingly, every year there are far less dogs euthanized in this great city. The city of San Francisco Animal Control and the San Francisco SPCA have made a special agreement to give dogs more than a second chance. The both have agreed to not to euthanize any adoptable or treatable dogs in the City of San Francisco. The San Francisco SPCA will hold any adoptable dog until they are able to find a suitable home. Unfortunately, those dogs that cannot be rehabilitated will unfortunately be humanly euthanized.

In order to help control dog over population the San Francisco Animal Control, the San Francisco ASPC and other rescue groups have agreed to neuter their adoptable dogs, and facilitate low cost neuter and spay clinics to San Francisco residents. You can find low cost neutering or spaying clinics by visiting the SF SPCA

Another way to help the overpopulation of dogs in the area of San Francisco is by adopting. When adopting a dog research the type of dog that will suite you best and also keep your options open for age, sex, and breed. There are many rescue groups in the city of San Francisco and in the outskirts of the city.

In every state and city there are laws which protect dogs and other animals, there are also rules and regulations pet owners must follow. If you want to find about these laws visit the San Francisco Animal Control.

paw print Dog Adoption in San Jose

San Jose Dog adoption

The city of San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley has many great things to offer, stable economy, wonderful weather and geography and a great diversity of cultures. San Jose is the third largest city in California and also one of the most prosperous. However, like many cities San Jose is not exempt of animal over-population. Dog over population can be controlled and solved by spaying and neutering dogs, and also by adopting from a local shelter or rescue group.

In the City of San Jose, there are less than 20 dog adoption centers; however there are more rescue groups and shelters in other nearby cities such as Santa Clara, San Martin, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Campbell, Los altos, Milpitas, Saratoga, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Gatos, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. You can find additional information about San Jose dog adoptions and other northern California shelters and dog rescue centers by visiting the PGAA.

Another way to help dog over population is by neutering and spaying dogs. The San Jose animal shelter offers low-cost spaying and neutering for dog and other animals. For more information visit San Jose Animals.

paw print Dog Adoption in California

A few of the great things about living in California are the weather and the geography. You can find both warm weather and cool climates and the terrain consists of mountains, forests, desserts, and long winding coastlines. With all these beautiful characteristics, California still has many growing problems, one of those being the over population of dogs in animal shelters and rescue centers. In the State of California there’s so much free help provided to dog owners and other pet lovers. However, resources are weakening.

If you’re trying to adopt a pet in California, or you live in California and you need reliable information on adoptable dogs, whether they are a pure or mutts, a resource to use is This site can also help you find rescue groups, or shelters within you local area. Since most rescue groups, shelters and adoption center are non-profit organizations, they also provide plenty of volunteer information on their website. All that’s required to search through the website is to know your zip code.

The majority of dog adoptions in California go through a process of filling out informational forms and an interview of the person that will be responsible for the dog. There may also be a fee, which helps to cover the expenses of the facility and benefits other needy dogs. Because of the mild climate in California, almost any adoptable dog can fit well in this environment. Just remember in order to maintain a healthy dog anywhere, you must exercise them, feed them and groom them regularly.

In the State of California there are specific animal rights pertaining to pets. If you want to inform yourself of the laws that protect dogs and other animals, visits the official website for the State of California at