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paw print San Francisco Dog Adoption

Located in the northern part of California, San Francisco is a one of a kind city. This beautiful city holds unrivaled attraction, and renowned entertainment. However, like many other big cities across the U.S., San Francisco also holds a major problem of dog over population.

Every year in the City of San Francisco thousands of dogs will be abused, abandoned, or given up by their owners. But amazingly, every year there are far less dogs euthanized in this great city. The city of San Francisco Animal Control and the San Francisco SPCA have made a special agreement to give dogs more than a second chance. The both have agreed to not to euthanize any adoptable or treatable dogs in the City of San Francisco. The San Francisco SPCA will hold any adoptable dog until they are able to find a suitable home. Unfortunately, those dogs that cannot be rehabilitated will unfortunately be humanly euthanized.

In order to help control dog over population the San Francisco Animal Control, the San Francisco ASPC and other rescue groups have agreed to neuter their adoptable dogs, and facilitate low cost neuter and spay clinics to San Francisco residents. You can find low cost neutering or spaying clinics by visiting the SF SPCA

Another way to help the overpopulation of dogs in the area of San Francisco is by adopting. When adopting a dog research the type of dog that will suite you best and also keep your options open for age, sex, and breed. There are many rescue groups in the city of San Francisco and in the outskirts of the city.

In every state and city there are laws which protect dogs and other animals, there are also rules and regulations pet owners must follow. If you want to find about these laws visit the San Francisco Animal Control.