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paw print San Diego Dog Adoption

San Diego has many dog shelters where you will find the perfect dog. Dog adoption in San Diego is taken very serious by shelter and dog rescue organizations. Today rescue centers maintain a vigorous adoption process. Prospective dog owners fill out an adoption application, are interviewed by canine counselors and if they meet all the qualifications, they pay a fee of $90 – $150.

Because there are so many dogs waiting to be adopted in San Diego it’s recommended to spay or neuter you dog. In every city and state, including San Diego, there’s an overpopulation problem which can be solved by spaying or neutering. The city of San Diego offer low cost neutering or spaying, so please take the time to spay or neuter your dog.

Every city and state has laws which protect dogs and other animals. There are also rules and regulation pet owners must follow. You can find the law by visiting the San Diego Animal Services webpage.