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paw print Dog Adoptions in San Jose

Dog adoptions in San Jose run the gamut from those that require you to visit a shelter or pound to those that are mobile and found at pet stores and community events.

You can certainly begin your search online. In fact, given traffic and the possible long distance between your home and a shelter in the greater San Jose area, it’s probably best if you begin your search for dog adoptions in San Jose online.

One of the advantages to finding dog adoptions in San Jose online is you can see dogs that are available for adoption, read their stories and get a feel for what they are like before you even begin the drive to meet them. In addition, many shelters that provide dog adoptions in San Jose place restrictions on some adoptions (such as only for children over 12 or only for homes with a large yard). Beginning your search online can save you a lot of time.

As you begin your hunt for dog adoptions in San Jose, here are some places to visit to find your perfect dog:

On the home page at the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary website, they list dog adoptions in San Jose at various Pet Smart locations in San Jose and the surrounding area. You can do your research online and then visit a local Pet Smart to meet with the dog you have become interested in.

NARF Animal Rescue
is also a good site that will help you find dog adoptions in San Jose. These dogs are usually housed in foster homes, so as you scroll through the available dogs, make note of names. When you call about the dog adoptions in San Jose, you simply provide the name of the dog and the name of the foster home.

paw print Dog Adoption in San Jose

San Jose Dog adoption

The city of San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley has many great things to offer, stable economy, wonderful weather and geography and a great diversity of cultures. San Jose is the third largest city in California and also one of the most prosperous. However, like many cities San Jose is not exempt of animal over-population. Dog over population can be controlled and solved by spaying and neutering dogs, and also by adopting from a local shelter or rescue group.

In the City of San Jose, there are less than 20 dog adoption centers; however there are more rescue groups and shelters in other nearby cities such as Santa Clara, San Martin, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Campbell, Los altos, Milpitas, Saratoga, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Gatos, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale. You can find additional information about San Jose dog adoptions and other northern California shelters and dog rescue centers by visiting the PGAA.

Another way to help dog over population is by neutering and spaying dogs. The San Jose animal shelter offers low-cost spaying and neutering for dog and other animals. For more information visit San Jose Animals.