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A Georgia dog adoption can be a wonderful experience, but there is also a great deal of responsibility that goes with it. When determining if you are ready for a new dog consider the following factors. What is you schedule like and try to be realistic, so you can judge how much time you will have to devote to your new dog. Are there any children in your household and do you currently have any pets? Not all types of dogs do well with small children and you want to be sure your current pet gets along with the new dog.

Visiting your local shelter and rescue groups should be your next stop on this journey. An application will need to be filled out and then an adoption counselor will assist you with finding the right dog. Many rescue shelters will require all members of the household visit the shelter to meet the new dog. They may also want to visit the home and need an adoption contract sign. The person adopting may need to be a minimum age of 18-23 and have valid ID. It’s important to be aware of your local shelters specific requirements and most will have them posted on their website. Adoption fees can range from $150 – $300 and all dogs ought to be up to date on all shots and neutered or spayed. All this hard work will pay off when you bring home the perfect dog.

Every state, city and county has laws that protect dogs and other animals. Georgia, like many other states, has specific laws, rules and regulations that must be followed when adopting a dog. You can find information about these laws at There you’ll find important information that will be handy when adopting a dog.

paw print Dog Shelters in Georgia

The State of Georgia has a staggering 30,000 dogs turned into shelters each year, but unfortunately on 10 percent of these dogs will be adopted. Georgia‘s response to the issued has to significantly improve the adoption process through the years, but there are still thousands of dogs needing good homes.

The decision to adopting a dog involves careful consideration and planning. One of the most important steps in this process is deciding on what breed of dog you are interested in and if it will be a good match with your lifestyle. The internet is a great resource for researching breeds or you can visit one of Georgia‘s rescue and shelter groups, they do a great job matching families with dogs.

When you are ready to take the leap and adopted here is an overview of what the process involves: filling out an adoption application, an interview and sometimes a home visit. This might sound like a lot of work, but it’s all worth it when your family is finally introduction to your perfect dog.

If you need assistance with finding dog shelters in Georgia, try one of these reliable websites:,,, Checking your local paper is also an effective resource.

paw print Georgia Dog Adoption

Every year in the State of Georgia about 30,000 dogs are turned in to shelters. Yet only 10 percent of these dogs are adopted. Dog adoption in Georgia has improved through out the years. Today the adoption process is done by filling an adoption application, an interview, sometimes a home visit and then finally an introduction to your perfect dog.

There are thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescue organizations in Georgia. Visit your local dog shelter or dog rescue organization to adopt a dog. Finding rescue centers or dog shelters in Georgia has become easier with the internet and now you can adopt a dog from different counties in Georgia, or from other local shelters. If you’re looking for a specific breed, there are many rescue organizations that specialize in the rescue of specific breeds.

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, therefore it’s very important to find a dog that matches your lifestyle. Georgia’s shelters and rescue groups do a great job matching families with dogs, but I still recommend for you to do some research before adopting any animal.

paw print Dog adoption in Atlanta

Atlanta is the biggest city in the state of Georgia, it is estimated that 5.5 million people live in the city of Atlanta. Like many other major cities in the U.S, Atlanta has great economy and a rising diversity of people. However, there is a growing problem with over-population of dogs.

The statistics for a sheltered dog in the city of Atlanta, are quite disheartening. Every year about 90,000 dogs will be killed in the area of Atlanta and sadly these numbers are increasing. This means one-in-three dogs will be euthanized. The majority of dogs that end up on the Atlanta shelters are stray, or lost pets, and many of them will never get the chance to be adopted mainly because shelters and rescue groups are too over crowded.

In order to control animal over population, dogs and other animals need to be spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering is not expensive, usually ranging from free to about $80. Numerous shelters and rescue groups offer affordable spaying or neutering options. Sometimes, depending on the person’s situation, these groups may offer free spaying or neutering. To find pet clinics and more information regarding spaying or neutering in the city of Atlanta visit Spot Society.

There are about 40 plus animal shelters or animal rescue groups in the city of Atlanta. About 10 percent of the animal shelters or rescue groups are no kill centers. If you’re looking to adopt a dog from the Atlanta area and want a specific breed or size; there are various rescue groups that specialize in pure breeds, small breed, big breeds, mix breeds and even puppies. You can find easy and accessible information of rescue groups and available pets for adoption by visiting the site above.