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paw print Low Energy Dogs Can be Great Companions

Low energy dogs can make surprisingly good pets for many people. Although we think of dogs as energetic, earnest beings just waiting for that next walk or ball toss, there are many dogs we could describe as low energy dogs and they have something to offer us as well.

Low energy dogs might be older dogs, larger dogs, or dogs that just never got the energetic and earnest gene. If you’re someone who has thought a dog wouldn’t work for you or your family, perhaps there’s a lack of time, or an illness, or you are older and it would be worthwhile to consider adding a low energy dog into your home.

There are some concerns, however, with low energy dogs. That is, although they might not find beg for a walk and activity, they still need it. Here are some considerations for keeping your low energy dog healthy and happy:

First, do try and walk your low energy dog as often as you can. If your dog doesn’t pull on the leash and act excited to be walking, that’s OK. Just keep him walking because the exercise is important.

Second, if your dog is a little less active than most dogs, keep his diet appropriate to his low energy. That is, feed him a senior diet dog food, or a diet recommended by your vet specifically for your low energy dog. Because your dog won’t be out in the yard running after imaginary balls and bugs, he won’t get the same amount of exercise as a higher energy dog. To keep weight problems at bay, respect the diet your vet suggests.

Third, enjoy your low energy dog! Just like humans, dogs come with all kinds of temperaments and energy levels. Your low energy dog might end up being a great addition to your household; he might enjoy cuddling on the bed and with you on the couch while you watch a movie.