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paw print Small Dog- Adopt

If you are looking to adopt a small dog, then you’ll be happy to know that there are small dog adoption groups everywhere. If you know what type of dog you want, you can visit your local shelter or check availability online. A very useful website about small dog adoptions is and you are given the option to sign up for email alerts on small dogs available in your area. Visiting your local rescue shelter is also a good idea, plus around one-fourth of all the dogs in rescue shelters are purebreds. There are many reasons good dogs can end up in shelters, and doing small dog adopt, you may find a great new friend.

paw print Teacup Dogs for Adoption Houston

If you live in Houston and looking to adopt a teacup dog, you’re in luck. It is estimated that more than half of the dogs found in Texas rescue shelters are pure breeds. A good place to start your search is the local rescue groups. Checking your local newspaper under the pet classified section can also be a good resource.

If you are still not finding the perfect dog, try searching online. There are several website that list adoptable dog and the rescue shelters they are located at. You can keep your search local by using your area code, or extend you search to the entire state of Texas if you are willing to travel. To help get you started with finding teacup dogs for adoption Houston, check out the following website:,

Adopting a dog is serious decision, and a lifetime commitment. A self evaluation will help in determined whether to adopt a dog is the right decision for you. Adopting a dog is like giving a lease on life.

paw print Adult Yorkie for Adoption

Adopting a dog is a long term commitment and there are many rewards to adopting an adult Yorkie. Such as: having an instant companion, not needing as much supervision and they have outgrown the chewing phase. Another good reason is unlike puppies, you will already know the size and temperament of your Yorkie. Since most people want to adopt puppies, so choosing an adult Yorkie for adoption will give you more Yorkies to select from.

However, you will not know your new pet’s past; such as has he been housebroken or trained. Both of you will have an adjustment period at the beginning, so It is imperative that you are patient with your new Yorkie. After a week or two, you and your Yorkie should be settled in and have a routine down. Sometimes it takes the dogs a little longer and very few are unable to adjust at all. Within a month the dog will be a happy member of the family.

To get started on your search for an adult Yorkie visit your local animal shelter and rescue organizations or check your local newspaper. Using the internet is another good choice. There are several sites out there that can help you find Yorkies in your area for adoption. Here are a few sites to help you with your search:,,,

paw print Teacup Yorkie Adoptions and Rescues

If you are thinking about adopting a Teacup Yorkie, a great place to start is your local shelter and rescue organizations. Another resource for finding Teacup Yorkie adoptions and rescues is the Internet. There are a number of websites committed to the adoption and rescue of Yorkies. Yorkshire organizations such as united yorkie rescue, yorkshire terrier rescue, yorkiesinc, adopt-a-yorkie have several Teacup Yorkies waiting to be adopted.

The adoption fees for Teacup Yorkies range from $100-$500, compare this to the thousands of dollars it would cost to buy a Yorkshire. When adopting a Yorkie, be ready to fill out an adoption form and interviewed. This is a very common practice for dog adoption centers because they want to match you with the perfect Yorkshire, given that their personalities differ.

paw print Adopting A Yorkie

If you are looking to adopt a small dog that is loyal and will make a good companion, then consider adopting a Yorkie. As with all life changing decisions adopting a dog takes careful consideration and planning. It is important to realize that you are adopting for the life span of the animal, so getting the right dog, the first time, is crucial to both your and the dog’s happiness.

With today’s technology finding almost any breed of dog has never been easier when using a pet finder website. To get started simply enter your zip code, distance you are willing to travel and your preference for sex, color and age. From this information the website will let you know if there are any Yorkie puppies or adult dogs available for adoption in your area. Here are some websites to get you started:,,

If technology isn’t your thing, there are some low tech options as well. Using your local new paper can be a valuable resource. Another good idea, regardless if you are looking online or using your new paper, is to visit your local shelter and rescue groups.

paw print Adoption- Small Dogs

Thinking about adopting a dog and trying to find the best fit for you? Well, there are some advantages to adopting small dogs, such as most people find it appealing that small dogs don’t take up much space. This makes them a perfect match for those living in an apartment or a small home. And if you rent, your landlord may be more accepting of a small indoor dog, especially compared to a large dog. However, there are a few things that need to be considered and it’s recommended that you visit your local animal shelter or humane society to find the right breed for you. Need help finding a adoption center, try using or do a Google search on adoption small dogs along with your city and state.

paw print Japanese Chin Adoption

The Japanese Chin is an adorable little dog that is very popular. It is sometimes confused with the Pekingese, the Lhasa Apso, and the Shi Tzu. It is a small dog, usually not over 12 inches tall at the withers, and is compactly built, with its body length about the same as its height. The coat of a Japanese Chin is long and silky like human hair. It is a companion dog and should live indoors.

If you want to adopt a Japanese Chin, there are several helpful websites, one is called JCCare . If you click on the “Regional Reps” link, you will get a list of Chin rescue efforts from many different states. People who love the Japanese Chin have become involved in shelters around the country. Another website devoted to the effort is Lucky Chin Adoptions.

Why would you want to adopt a Chin from a rescue shelter instead of a pet store? In all too many cases, puppies that have been produced by breeders have not been cared for in a humane fashion. Not only that, there are thousands of dogs that are euthanized every day simply because they have no homes. The very thought of breeding dogs to produce more puppies seems unethical in light of that fact.

The people at Lucky Chin Adoptions go so far as to purchase puppies from puppy mills when necessary to save the dogs from a life as a breeding dog. Adopted Chins will have to be spayed or neutered, and you will be expected to pay an adoption fee of $200 or more.

paw print Small Dogs for Adoption

Many people prefer small dogs over larger ones. They can be much easier to care for, since they make smaller messes. In addition, some people are a little bit afraid of larger dogs, but small dogs don’t generally pose much of a threat, even if they are vocal watch dogs! If you are looking for a small dog, there are small dog adoption agencies everywhere.

If you know what breed you want to adopt, check out the availability online. Many animal rescue shelters are dedicated to a particular breed of dog.

A very informative webpage about small dog adoptions is You can sign up for email alerts about small dogs available in your area. There is also helpful information about small dogs. Adoption will be much more successful if you have done your homework and know about your dog before you bring it home.

When you adopt a small dog, consider whether you really want a puppy or if an adult dog would work better for you. There are many advantages to adopting a grown dog. For one thing, not only is the dog usually already housebroken, but their bladders are fully developed so that they can hold it much longer than a puppy can. Adult dogs are also much less likely to destroy everything in sight.

If you have your heart set on a purebred small dog, here is a fact that will surprise you. About one-fourth of all the dogs in rescue shelters are purebreds! Shelter dogs are not “bad” dogs that couldn’t make it in their adoptive homes. There are many reasons a dog may end up in a shelter, and chances are very good that you can find a wonderful companion when you adopt a small dog.

paw print Fox Terrier Adoption Tips

If you are planning a Fox Terrier adoption, there are many aspects of the breed you should understand. These are dynamic dogs that require a fair amount of expertise on your part. Education is never a bad thing and when adopting a Fox Terrier, that is ever more true.

Your Fox Terrier adoption should begin with you understanding the Fox Terrier’s personality. These dogs are extremely active and require a fair amount of activity and exercise. They like to chase small animals and can be aggressive toward animals that are smaller than themselves.

Your Fox Terrier adoption will be even smoother if you ensure that you are fully prepared for what is entailed in raising these dynamic and self-assured dogs.

For example, you should have a fairly large yard and a way to exercise your dog regularly. If you have unwanted mice or other small creatures, then for sure a Fox Terrier adoption is the way to go. This dog will take care of that problem for you!

What else do you need to know about a Fox Terrier adoption? How about that this dog is an excellent watchdog? They are friendly and loyal and will entertain you with their antics. But at the end of the day, they will also protect you and your home. They are loyal to a fault.

Finally, if you are planning on a Fox Terrier adoption, consider your light heart an advantage. These dogs can be joyful, happy additions to any family, but they are a bit of work. When you are working through the Fox Terrier adoption process, you should also question what your needs are in a dog and make sure you and this dog are a good fit. Your light heart (read this also as patience) and understanding of how they tick will help both of you to find peace together.

paw print Four Good Options for Your Next Toy Breed Adoption

If you are looking to add a tiny pup to your home, you might be considering a toy breed adoption. But what toy breed should you choose? There are many options, but let’s look at four toy breeds you might consider for adoption.

First, how about a Chihuahua for your toy breed adoption? These dogs are friendly, loyal and make excellent pets. They come in two varieties: long coat and smooth coat. The Chihuahua makes a particularly good toy breed adoption choice for many people because they can live in a variety of household environments, including small apartments. They are also considered very good traveling companions, so if you travel a lot, you might consider this toy breed for your next adoption.

Another popular toy breed adoption choice is the happy pug. These dogs are known for having a large and dynamic personality wrapped up in their small bodies. They are extremely social and love being around people. Unlike many of the breeds you’ll find as you look into your toy breed adoption choices, the pug is sometimes trouble, getting into mischief at home if you don’t keep him busy. He doesn’t need a big yard, but he does need a good deal of distraction and activity.

You might also consider the Shih Tzu for adoption. These darling dogs are in need of good care and grooming (most owners choose to keep their coat short rather than long), but they are much more independent in play than many of your other toy breed adoption choices. They even enjoy outside activities and while they might not able to walk long distances, they will enjoy whatever distance they get.

Finally, don’t forget the very popular miniature poodle as a possibility for your toy breed adoption. These dogs make great pets, and are one of the most popular dogs in America. They are known to be extremely intelligent and alert but they are also very active. Unlike many toy breeds, they are very trainable and are usually fairly good with children.

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