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paw print Are You Ready to Adopt a Puppy?

Adopting a pet can be a wonderful experience, but before you run out and adopt a puppy, it’s important to first establish what your way of life entails. Do you live in a condominium, apartment, single family abode, or a mobile home? Do you lease or your home and are you allowed to have pets? Are you single or do you have a family with kids? These are just a few questions that you need to ask yourself before adopting any pet. A puppy is a full-time commitment and the decision to adopt should not be taken lightly.

Another thing to consider before adopting is whether an adult dog may be more suitable for your lifestyle over a puppy. When you adopt a puppy you will need to devote your time to training and housebreaking your new pet, and this can be a very tedious experience. However, an adult dog can be harder to socialize into a family and some may not be suited for families with small children. When deciding on adopting a puppy or adult dogs carefully consider the pros and cons of both.

When you are deciding what type of puppy to adopt take the time to research different breeds of dogs, so you can base your decision on temperament, size, weight, behavior issues, potential illness issues, and exercise required. Do you and your family have the time and space to exercise a puppy daily? Dogs that are prone to particular illnesses could put a strain on your family’s budget. The weight and size of a dog must be considered since small puppies can grow into very large dogs that are not fit for condominium or apartment living. Dogs that are known to have lively temperaments may not be a good fit for families with small kids.

There are many different places to adopt a puppy and a good place to start is with your local animal shelter. They can give you advice and explain the adoption process along with helping you find the perfect puppy to fit your lifestyle. There are also a few websites online that list puppies available for adoption and which shelters they are located at. These sites can be found easily by doing a search for adopting puppies.

Puppies’ need a lot of attention, training, and most importantly, love and patience. Make sure you and your family is ready to open its heart to this new bundle of joy.

paw print Young Dogs for Adoption are Hard to Find

Walk through any pound or shelter and you’ll find that it’s very hard to find young dogs for adoption. You’ll find many older dogs, many senior dogs, but if you’re looking for a younger dog, your search could take longer than you’d like.

It is the unfortunate fact that most people are looking for young dogs for adoption. They are easier to train, they’ll be with you longer and many people just consider them to be a cuter version of the older dogs. Young dogs for adoption just seem to have a charm that the older dogs can’t match.

Many pounds and shelters try to mitigate this problem by wrapping bandannas around older dog’s necks and leave toys in their cages. Maybe, they think, these will be reminders that while we have young dogs for adoption, older dogs can make acceptable playmates as well.

Though you might have your mind set on the availability of young dogs for adoption, there is much to consider and appreciate in older dogs. For instance, many are already trained with basic commands and most will already be house trained as well.

Young dogs for adoption, on the other hand, will often need some of this basic training and can be a bit more work right out of the gate. But, whether your choice is in the category of young dogs for adoption or older dogs, there are certainly advantages and disadvantages either way.