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paw print How to Find the Best Dog Kennels

You and your family are finally going on vacation, but taking your dog just doesn’t fit into your plans. How do you choose the best place to house your pet while you’re off playing at the beach? Below are some tips to help you choose the best dog kennel for your furry friend.

How do I find a good kennel?

Start by asking a friend, veterinarian, neighbor, animal shelter, or dog trainer for a recommendation. You can also check the Yellow Pages or search the Better Business Bureau’s online website. Once you have a few dog kennels selected, it’s important to do a background check, even if you were referred by a reliable source.

Your first step should be to find out whether your state requires boarding kennel inspections. If it does, make sure the dog kennels you are considering display a certificate or license showing that they meet the mandated standards.

Next, ask if they belong to the American Boarding Kennels Association (719-667-1600). This is a trade association established by kennel operators to advocate professional standards of pet care. In addition to requiring all their members subscribing to a strict code of ethics, they also offer voluntary facility certifications that show the facility has been inspected and met ABKA standards of professionalism, quality of care, and safety.

Verify that the dog kennels can lodge your pooch for the desired dates and have the ability to address any special needs your dog may have. If you’re satisfied, schedule a visit.

Inspect the Dog Kennels

Any reputable dog kennel will allow you to inspect the entire facility. Overall, the kennel should be clean and well kept. The area where the dogs eat and relieve themselves should be kept separate. Also, the best kennels will have a large common area for the dogs to run and play in.

Inspect the Caretakers

All dog owners want to be able to leave their pet with someone who will take care of them as if they were their own. Make sure you take the time to sit down and talk to the person who will be caring for your pet and ask them questions like- How long have they been at the kennel? How often do the dogs play outside? What vaccines are required to stay? These are all valid questions that any trustworthy caretaker would have no problems answering.
Access to Veterinary Care

One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a dog kennel is whether or not they have access to veterinary care. Ideally, you want to find a kennel that has an onsite vet that can care for your dog if something goes wrong. However, access to something like a 24-hour VCA hospital is also satisfactory. Be sure to get explicit information as to who will perform the care, and if there are any additional costs if something happens while you’re gone.

Take the time and do the research to find the best dog kennels for your pet. For more information check out this article from The Human Society of the United States

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