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paw print Volunteer at Your Local Dog Rescue

Are you looking for a way to give back to you community or simply enjoy animals? You may want to consider volunteering at your local dog rescue. Volunteers play an important role for dog rescues since most of these organizations are non-profit and depend on volunteers to survive. There are many different ways you can help and anything you can do is greatly appreciated, but don’t forget the most important part- you’ll be making a difference in a dog’s life.

Different ways you can help your local dog rescue:

Volunteers are always in need to play with and exercise the dogs. Simply spending quiet time with a hyperactive dog or playing with an older dog can help them become more adoptable. Also you can help rescued dogs for adoption. This also helps the busy staff who have little or no time to spend with the animals themselves.

Another job that may seem small, but is actually very important is helping with the cleaning. Washing dirty dishes or doing a few loads of laundry helps the staff to focus on more important issues and provides the dogs with a clean and healthy living space.

If you enjoy office-oriented work, your local dog rescue could use help with answering phones, data entry, and filing papers. This type of work is mostly hands-off with the dogs, but you are more likely to see the happy families that end up adding a new pet to their homes by shelter dogs for adoption.

If you have extra room at home or a fenced back yard, fostering a dog is another great way to volunteer. Sometimes dogs are too stressed to stay at the dog rescue or they may be recovering from surgery and need special care. These dogs for free adoption.

At times it can be too painful to help out personally, but there are still other options to help out. Many shelters and rescues will list items they need to care for the dogs. Picking up a bag of dog food on your next trip to the grocery store or donating gently used blankets and towels help the dogs without you having to see them in the kennels.

For those creative types out there, you local dog rescue could be looking for someone to take photos of the dogs to post on their website. Intake photos tend to show the dogs when they’re scared and unhealthy. Taking new photos or making flyers for the dogs are great ways to spread the word about those cuddly balls of fur that still looking for homes.

If this has inspired you to volunteer, call or email a dog rescue in your area and ask how you can get involved. It’s a good idea to call more than one place since different programs have different needs.

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