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paw print Animal Rescue Agencies: Dedicated to Saving Lives

Animal rescue agencies can be found everywhere, and with good reason. The plight of unwanted animals is heartbreaking to most people. Owning a dog is a popular trend. Unfortunately, most people live busy lives and have barely enough time to keep one or two dogs properly. The result is that many of these animals wind up in rescue facilities.

Have you thought about starting a rescue? The best advice is to volunteer at existing rescue agencies and learn the ropes. Operating a dog rescue is very much like running a business, and money is almost always tight. It is not a small matter of making room for a few unwanted pooches. In addition to the money required, the amount of work involved in properly caring for several dogs can be staggering.

Instead of starting your own rescue, there may be practical things you can do to help one that is already in existence. In addition to volunteering to help with the care of the dogs, you can also be involved in fundraising or community education. Just having a bumper sticker about spaying and neutering could help avoid a heartbreaking end for a litter of puppies!

Rescue agencies vary in type from sanctuaries and no-kill facilities, to rescues devoted to a particular breed, to large community facilities run by the local Humane Society. If you have a heart for homeless dogs, any of these would be thrilled to have you volunteer your time or money to help them.

Here’s an article about things you can do to help your local shelter.

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