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paw print Dog Adoption Agencies Serve a Vital Purpose in Helping Dogs Find New Homes

When most of us hear the words “adoption agency” we think of children and parents. However, there are many dog adoption agencies in practice today all over the United States and around the world. Just as with the human version, dog adoption agencies serve to find homes for dogs and puppies that are in need of a home, for a large variety of reasons.

Some dog adoption agencies serve only limited geographical areas, while others are now online with their own websites and serve entire states or even an entire country. Dog adoption agencies do not usually work with breeders, but generally only work with surrendered and abandoned animals.

Many rescue groups and adoption agencies for pets are created and run by volunteers. These tireless volunteers give their time, and often their own money, to run organizations which match homeless animals with people looking to adopt a new pet.

In addition to dog adoption agencies, there are adoption agencies for cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, and many other animals as well. Each of them serves the same general purpose; to find safe and happy homes for animals.

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