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Visit your local shelter, humane society, or any animal rescue center, and I can guarantee you, that you’ll find a dog up for adoption. Adoption centers are over crowded with dogs waiting to be adopted. The majority of dogs up to be adopted are mutts, or mixed breed, but there’s always the exception. Sometimes you’ll be surprised to find mix breeds are better pets than a pure breed dog. They often have comparable qualities to a pure breed, and most importantly can love you just the same as a pure breed dog. You can find mutts, of all the ages and sizes, in every shelter. All you got to do is research to find the perfect companion.

There are many rescue groups that specializes in rescuing pure breeds. If you’re looking to adopt a pure breed, I recommend by starting research through The website has many local, out of county, and out of state shelters. They also provide a list of rescue groups that specializes in the rescue of a particular breed.

Dogs that are waiting at an adoption center have a limited time to be adopted. From the time they are rescued they have about 2 weeks to a month to be adopted otherwise they’ll be euthanized, or killed. There are however many organizations that operate no-kill shelters. This means that when they rescue a dog or pet they will not kill the dog no matter the circumstances. They will wait until the dog finds a permanent home.

There is a commonly held myth about dogs up for adoption; many people think that a dog is at a dog rescue because there’s something terribly wrong with the dog. The truth is most dogs that are originally purchased from breeders, were bought for the wrong reasons. When dog owners give up their dogs it is most likely because they weren’t a good match for the person and they couldn’t continue taking care of the dog anymore. Perhaps you will find your perfect match taking in someone else’s puppy or adult dog.

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