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dog rescue agenciesIf you’re searching to adopt a pet and you’re not quite sure where to start, I suggest going to a local shelter or dog rescue group. You might be surprised to find adoption centers are very professional and well organized. Most adoption centers are non-profit organizations conduct their business via volunteer work. Any kind of help you can provide, like adopting a dog or pet or by donating money, will be of great help.

Most adoption centers have in-house vets, trainers, behavior specialists, handlers, and other staff, which help dogs to become adoptable candidates. Dog adoption is taken very seriously by dog rescue groups. At adoption centers, dogs are socialized, trained (behavior and potty), spayed or neuter and are given their initial set of shots. Some centers might even go the extra mile and install an identification chip. Adoption centers go through great lengths to give you a very healthy dog, unlike breeders, which may sell a sick dog just to recoup their investment.

When walking into an adoption center, be prepared to fill out adoption forms and to be interviewed. Today many of the adoption centers do this because they want to make sure their dogs are going to the ideal home. They want to make sure the new family and the dog are a perfect match. The last thing they want to see is one of their dogs or other pets be returned. The adoption fees range from $100-$300, which in most case turns out to be more affordable than buying from a breeder. The fees go towards helping rescue other dogs and to the cover health expenses of your new animal.

The majority of shelter dogs are mutts or mixed breed dogs, but remember a dog is a dog, and they will give you the same love and attention that a pure breed will.

If you don’t have a lot of time to visit the local shelters or rescue groups, take advantage of the internet. However by visiting the local shelter, you can meet many dogs up close and personal. You might even find more than one new friend there.

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