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If you live in California and want to adopt a dog, a good website to check out is At this site you can view pictures and descriptions of all types of dogs, large and small, who need loving homes.

Particularly needy are the trendy small dogs sometimes called “designer dogs.” People take in a tiny puppy that they can carry around in a pocket, and then lose interest in it when it gets a little bigger. Many of these dogs wind up in shelters, even though they still make excellent pets. Sometimes people neglect to have these little dogs spayed or neutered, so unwanted puppies are soon on the scene.

Another place for Californians to find a dog to adopt is Many of the dogs available from rescue shelters are purebreds. While you won’t have registration papers, you can still find the breed of dog you desire. There are rescue facilities all over the state dedicated to various breeds. Scroll down to see the California list at Make sure you know the characteristics of the breed you think you want. Remember, too, that with patient training, most dogs can overcome their inborn difficulties.

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