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paw print Dog Adoption in California

A few of the great things about living in California are the weather and the geography. You can find both warm weather and cool climates and the terrain consists of mountains, forests, desserts, and long winding coastlines. With all these beautiful characteristics, California still has many growing problems, one of those being the over population of dogs in animal shelters and rescue centers. In the State of California there’s so much free help provided to dog owners and other pet lovers. However, resources are weakening.

If you’re trying to adopt a pet in California, or you live in California and you need reliable information on adoptable dogs, whether they are a pure or mutts, a resource to use is This site can also help you find rescue groups, or shelters within you local area. Since most rescue groups, shelters and adoption center are non-profit organizations, they also provide plenty of volunteer information on their website. All that’s required to search through the website is to know your zip code.

The majority of dog adoptions in California go through a process of filling out informational forms and an interview of the person that will be responsible for the dog. There may also be a fee, which helps to cover the expenses of the facility and benefits other needy dogs. Because of the mild climate in California, almost any adoptable dog can fit well in this environment. Just remember in order to maintain a healthy dog anywhere, you must exercise them, feed them and groom them regularly.

In the State of California there are specific animal rights pertaining to pets. If you want to inform yourself of the laws that protect dogs and other animals, visits the official website for the State of California at

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