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Every year in the State of Georgia about 30,000 dogs are turned in to shelters. Yet only 10 percent of these dogs are adopted. Dog adoption in Georgia has improved through out the years. Today the adoption process is done by filling an adoption application, an interview, sometimes a home visit and then finally an introduction to your perfect dog.

There are thousands of dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters and rescue organizations in Georgia. Visit your local dog shelter or dog rescue organization to adopt a dog. Finding rescue centers or dog shelters in Georgia has become easier with the internet and now you can adopt a dog from different counties in Georgia, or from other local shelters. If you’re looking for a specific breed, there are many rescue organizations that specialize in the rescue of specific breeds.

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, therefore it’s very important to find a dog that matches your lifestyle. Georgia’s shelters and rescue groups do a great job matching families with dogs, but I still recommend for you to do some research before adopting any animal.

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