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paw print Dog Adoption in the City of Chicago

The city of Chicago is one of the many great cities in the U.S. which has great economic stability and incredible diversity. However, like many other great cities and states, Chicago also has a dog over-population problem.

Over-population is mainly due to irresponsible pet ownership and can be controlled by neutering or spaying a dog. Many of the rescue groups or shelters in the city of Chicago offer affordable and sometimes free neutering or spaying to qualifying pet owners. To find more information on spaying or neutering your dog and other pets visit here here

Every year in the city of Chicago about 28,000 dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescue organizations. Sadly, it is estimated only 30% (or 8,400) of these dogs will be saved by new owners or rescue groups. The rest will be put to sleep.

In the city of Chicago alone, there are about 40 plus rescue groups and animal shelters. Within that list only 20 percent of those shelters and rescue groups are “no-kill” centers. You can find rescue groups or shelter information by searching online or by visiting here.

In every state and city there are laws that protect dogs and other animals. There are also rules and regulations for pet owners, which must be followed. To find about these laws visit here.

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