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paw print Chicago Dog Rescue Options

If you live in the Chicago area and are interested in adopting or assisting rescued dogs, you have a lot of options. An organization called CARE (Community Animal Rescue Effort) has a list of Chicago pet adoption facilities posted on its website.

Several Chicago pet adoptions facilities are making use of the “Meet Your Match” program from the ASPCA. This is an assessment that is done both of the adopter and of the dog, which color codes both in an attempt to make a perfect match between pet and owner. (There are MYM materials for cats, too.) Dogs are categorized according to whether they are externally, internally or socially motivated, and by their energy level.

Is your perfect pet pal a couch potato, a goof-ball, or the life of the party? Take the quiz at the dog rescue shelter, and find out. Then you can meet the dogs that are available which fit that particular profile. In all their are nine canine personality types identified for those who want to adopt a dog. Chicago is not the only city to implement this program, so if you are somewhere else, it’s likely you can find a shelter which will offer it.

In addition to dog rescue Chicago and the surrounding area have shelters for cats, parrots, ferrets, and reptiles.

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