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New York City is the largest city in the U.S. and it also has the worst canine overpopulation than any other state in the US. This is mainly due to irresponsible dog owners, who abandoned their pets, abused them, or simply can handle the responsibility. Some of the better cases involved the pet owners surrendering or given up their dogs to dog rescue groups or animal shelters.

There are hundreds of kill or no-kill shelters and rescue centers in the state of New York which aid dogs and other pets to become adoptable candidates. For shelter and rescue group information in New York State and New York City visit Pet Net.

Dog adoption in New York is fairly easy. You can find dogs of any breed, age, and size including mutts. The adoption process includes an adoption form, an interview and a small fee. Fees are contributions of $50-$200, which are used to help other dogs in need in New York State. Adopting a dog in New York City can be a major task, not because dogs are hard to find, but because of space. The majority of the residents of New York live in small apartments or compact homes. Before adopting a dog consider the size of the dog first and then think of the characteristics, personality, and behavior you would want in a dog.

New York State has a shortage of families wanting to adopt rescued dogs. With so many dogs and so little time, it is important for families to come out and help rescued dogs in the state of New York. Rescue dogs are great dogs, even better than dogs that have been purchased. If you are completely sure that you want to add a dog to your family, research the local shelters or dog rescue groups and educate yourself about the responsibilities a dog requires.

The New York State has laws which protect dogs and other animals, and it’s important to know and understand the law before adopting a dog or any other animals.

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