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paw print Finding Dogs for Adoption in Ohio

If you are looking to find adoptable dogs in Ohio, you need to look no farther than your local animal shelters and newspapers.

Nearly every local government has an animal shelter in which they place stray or unwanted animals in. The reasons animals are in the shelter can be as varied as the animal was found on the street, to the animal’s caregiver passed away and there was no one to take in the animal. Because animal shelters are constantly getting a new influx of animals off of the streets, they generally will kill animals after they have been there, and go un-adopted, for a week or two. One of the first places you should always check, when you want to adopt a dog, in Ohio or any other state is the local animal shelter.

Organizations such as the Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) often have shelters in your area as well. The Ohio SPCA operates no-kill shelters in many areas of Ohio. The SPCA shelters are a wonderful place to find a high-quality adoptable dog for your family.

If neither your local government nor SPCA has a dog for you, then you can easily go through the pet classified ads and see if you can find one there. If you still have no luck, you can go online and find a pet adoption agency to help you with your search.

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