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paw print Ohio Shelters Provide Safety for Dogs

Ohio is home to a wide variety of rescue shelters for canine friends. Check out this link for a list of facilities: PGAA (Pet Guardian Angels of America).

In central Ohio, a group called Citizens for Humane Action have operated a shelter for dogs and other animals since 1975. The CHA shelter is located in Columbus. Like other shelters, they would appreciate donations of dog supplies, office supplies, and money.

Ohio is home to shelters devoted to a variety of dog breeds. Afghan hounds, for instance, are rescued by several shelters. Other breeds that have their own shelters are Boston terriers, chows, Doberman Pinschers, golden retrievers, Great Danes, Maltese, Jack Russell terriers, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Shetlands Sheepdogs, and many, many more.

Other animals can be sheltered in Ohio as well. In addition to cat shelters, you can find rescue agencies that care for rats and ferrets. Here’s a good idea with a cute name. At Planned Pethood, Inc pet owners in northern Ohio can bring in their cat or dog for a low cost spay or neuter.

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