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Texas is the largest state the United States and it also holds the record for number of dog shelters and dog rescue organizations. Dog adoption in Texas is done just like in many other states. The adoption process includes an adoption application, and interview, a home visit and finally the choosing of the correct dog.

If you’re looking to adopt a pure breed, it is estimated that more than half of the dogs that enter a dog shelter or dog rescue organization in Texas will be a pure breed. Finding a pure breed in Texas won’t be hard, you can look in specific breed rescue groups and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find the dog you’re looking for. For those who are not looking for specific breeds, the majority of dogs in shelter and rescue organizations are mutts. Mutts are dog mixes; they’re as good as pure breeds and sometimes better. Contact of visit your local shelter
to find that special dog in your life.

Adopting a dog is serious decision, and a lifetime commitment. Doing a self assessment will help in deciding whether to adopt a dog or not. Adopting a dog is like giving it a second lease on life.

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