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Austin is the forth largest city in Texas and it is also the capital of Texas. It has an estimated population of 690,252 and growing. Austin has a great diversity of people and cultures. Like many other major cities across the U.S., Austin has a growing overpopulation of dogs. For the city officials and dog rescue groups; dog overpopulation has been an ongoing problem. Due to overpopulation of dogs there is not enough help been provided to every dog that comes into a shelter or dog rescue group. Sadly, many of these unwanted dogs will be euthanized. There are great ways to help the city of Austin and control this ongoing problem by adopting a dog, donating money or supplies, or if you already own a dog by spaying or neutering your pet.

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a rescue group in Austin, TX has many benefits. To start there are many pure breeds, and mutts to choose from. Shelters and dog rescue groups also have a variety of sizes and ages. Dog adoptions now days are taken more seriously. When adopting a dog from Austin shelter, be prepared to fill out an application for adoption, to be interview and to pay a small adoption fee. The usual adoption fee ranges from $100-$200.

Donating money or supplies is another great way to help animal shelters and dog rescue groups. Considering that the majority of shelters and dog rescue groups in Austin are non-profit organizations, any donations will be of great help. If donating supplies it is recommended to donate, crates, blankets, leashes, collars, bowls,newspaper, towels and medical supplies. Remember all the donations work directly to saving the life of a dog.

If you already own a dog, another way you can help control or solve dog overpopulation in the city of Austin is by spaying or neutering your dog. There are many spaying and neuter clinics in Austin and most of them offer low cost services. It is estimated that an unaltered dog can procreate about 67,000 new dogs in just 6 years.

In the city of Austin there are different laws which protect dog. There are also rules and regulations which pet owners must obey. To find about these laws, visit

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