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How do I know if I’m ready to adopt a dog?
Adopting a dog is a commitment made for the entire life span of a dog, Are you ready for that challenge? It might sound difficult at first but remember that dogs are unconditional companions. However, there is other aspects to consider before adopting such as financial stability, a home that welcomes dogs and family which agrees to contribute to the dog’s life. If all the ingredients for a successful adoption are not in place I recommend waiting until the right time comes.

Where can I adopt a dog?
Start by searching in the local shelter or local dog rescue group, you’ll find many pure breeds and mutts. Another great way to find adoptable dogs is by searching online in major dog adoption websites such as, or

There are so many dogs to choose from how do I know which one is right for me?
Choosing a dog is like dating, search for the characteristics and qualities that you want in the dog. Finding the characteristic of an adult or senior dog is easier since they have already developed them. With puppies it might be harder to decided but remember with good obedience and training they can be mold to fit your lifestyle. Do a self assessment on the type of life style you live. Then match the information with the shelter or rescue organization will help you choose the best dog available to fit your life style.

What do I need to welcome my new adopted dog?
First make a list of all the necessary supplies you’ll need, such as dog food, durable bowls, collar, leash, shampoo, a drying towel, bed or warm blankets. There are other supplies which are optional but recommended such as a crate for indoor dogs, or outside shelter for outdoor dogs.

It is important for you to gain knowledge on how to make your dog social and friendly toward other dogs and humans. I suggest reading a few books on dog obedience and command training before or after adopting. Dog obedience gives you an insight on how to approach psychological problems and other small problems such as continues basking, chewing, drinking out of the toilet, etc. Command training will teach you tricks such as sit, down, lay, stay, etc. I recommend reading “Good Owners, Great Dogs” by Brain Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson. Another great book to read “The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book” by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz, Bethany Brown, Christel A. Shea.

What kind of dog food should I buy?
Choosing the right dog food can be difficult especially with so many brands promising to deliver quality food. Less costly dog food has a reduced amount of meat and more fillers and by-products. More expensive dog food have organic products, vitamins, and a vide variety of meats. The best and healthiest dog food is Innova, Orijan, Timberwolf, and Artemis which won’t be found in commercial places like Wal-Mart. Although they are expensive they help you dog grow healthy unlike cheap commercial food. The key to great health is good healthy food.

Why do I need to pay fees for adopting a dog?
Every time you adopt and pay an adoption fee, the money works toward other needy dogs. Since most shelters and rescue groups are non-profit organization all the fees help maintain the facility and rescue more dogs. In a way when you adopt you’re saving more than one life.

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