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paw print Retired Guide Dogs Can Make Great Pets

If you know how to handle them, retired guide dogs can make excellent pets. There, are, however, several caveats to adding a retired guide dog to your home.

Remember, these guys were trained from a very young age to follow a schedule, adhere to specific commands and to live certain, and very structured, life. Retired guide dogs can make great pets, though. Let’s look at some ways to add one of these beautiful and fun creatures to your home.

If you decide to take on a retired guide dog, keep in mind he or she will be at least 7 years old. Most guide dogs work until they are at least 7 and when they are ready to retire, they often will stay with the family they’ve worked with. But when that’s not possible, and it might not always be, they become available for adoption.

Retired guide dogs are well-trained, fun pets to have around. Here are a few things to consider:

Guide dogs are trained to have a specific and consistent routine. If you veer even slightly from that routine, your retired guide dog might rebel. Because your retired guide dog was a working dog, he’s going to have a hard time breaking from that routine-oriented way of doing things.

In addition, your retired guide dog will know how to follow certain commands that are given to them since they first were trained as guide dogs. It’s important that if you adopt a retired guide dog, you learn and use the commands. It makes the change in lifestyle a little easier for your new dog.

Finally, remember that guide dogs are trained to guide and sometimes defer movement or action if it seems dangerous or ill-advised. That is, your retired guide dog might disobey when you instruct him to cross the street, if he or she thinks it’s not completely safe. They were bred and trained to keep their owners out of danger. You have to respect this, because he can’t ever really counter train himself from what he knows.

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