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paw print Adopting A Yorkie

If you are looking to adopt a small dog that is loyal and will make a good companion, then consider adopting a Yorkie. As with all life changing decisions adopting a dog takes careful consideration and planning. It is important to realize that you are adopting for the life span of the animal, so getting the right dog, the first time, is crucial to both your and the dog’s happiness.

With today’s technology finding almost any breed of dog has never been easier when using a pet finder website. To get started simply enter your zip code, distance you are willing to travel and your preference for sex, color and age. From this information the website will let you know if there are any Yorkie puppies or adult dogs available for adoption in your area. Here are some websites to get you started:,,

If technology isn’t your thing, there are some low tech options as well. Using your local new paper can be a valuable resource. Another good idea, regardless if you are looking online or using your new paper, is to visit your local shelter and rescue groups.

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