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paw print Adopting a Teacup Yorkie

yorkshire adoptionOne of the most popular breeds today is Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies or Teacup Yorkies. One of the reasons why this breed is so popular is because of the recent media attention Hollywood has given to them. Yorkshires belong to the toy size breeds, and people assume that because they are so little, they never grow old, but that’s not the truth. Yorkies have the same life span and life stages as any other breed.

If you are considering buying or adopting a Yorkie, I recommend you do some window shopping at your local adoption center. Another resource for researching Yorshire Terriers is the Internet. There are several websites dedicated to the adoption and rescue of Yorkies. Yorshire organizations such as Yorkshire Terrier Rescue, United Yorkie Rescue, adopt-a-yorkie, yorkiesinc have many Yorkshire Terriers waiting to be adopted. By adopting a Yorkshire; you are giving them a second chance. The adoption fee for Yorkshire Terriers range from $100-$500, compared to the often thousands of dollars when buying a Yorkshire. When adopting a Yorkie, or any other type of dog breed, be prepared to be interviewed and fill out a adoption form. Many dog adoption centers follow this process because they want to match you with the perfect Yorkshire, since their personalities vary.

One of the major problems with buying a Yorkshire from a breeder is there is never a full guarantee of the kind of dog you’re getting for your money. As recent cases show, many Yorkie puppies which have been bought from breeders come with many health problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, parasites and other major health issues. One issue which has grown in the recent years is liver shunt which may lead to liver failure. On the other hand, animal shelters, rescue groups and other adoption center, do an outstanding job understanding and resolving dog’s issues, such as social problems, behavior problems, and health issues before they are given out for adoption.

When people buy Teacup Yorkshires, and other breeds, they may be buying for the wrong reasons. To start with, most people want to buy puppies. There is a common mistake people make when buying a Yorkie: they believe that if they are able to raise a dog from a young age, they will be able to train them and/or have them adjust easier. In reality that’s not the case. Puppies are like small children, and they take a lot of time, patience and supervision. And sadly because Yorkshires and other breeds are bought for the wrong reasons, they will end up at shelters and possibly euthanized.

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