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paw print Small Dogs for Adoption

Many people prefer small dogs over larger ones. They can be much easier to care for, since they make smaller messes. In addition, some people are a little bit afraid of larger dogs, but small dogs don’t generally pose much of a threat, even if they are vocal watch dogs! If you are looking for a small dog, there are small dog adoption agencies everywhere.

If you know what breed you want to adopt, check out the availability online. Many animal rescue shelters are dedicated to a particular breed of dog.

A very informative webpage about small dog adoptions is You can sign up for email alerts about small dogs available in your area. There is also helpful information about small dogs. Adoption will be much more successful if you have done your homework and know about your dog before you bring it home.

When you adopt a small dog, consider whether you really want a puppy or if an adult dog would work better for you. There are many advantages to adopting a grown dog. For one thing, not only is the dog usually already housebroken, but their bladders are fully developed so that they can hold it much longer than a puppy can. Adult dogs are also much less likely to destroy everything in sight.

If you have your heart set on a purebred small dog, here is a fact that will surprise you. About one-fourth of all the dogs in rescue shelters are purebreds! Shelter dogs are not “bad” dogs that couldn’t make it in their adoptive homes. There are many reasons a dog may end up in a shelter, and chances are very good that you can find a wonderful companion when you adopt a small dog.

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