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paw print Adopting a Small Dog

adopt a small dogThere are many rewards for adopting a small dog. For instance, the price for a pure breed can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, compared to the affordable fee of adopting that same breed of dog. However, with adoption you will get the satisfaction of not only helping a animal shelter, rescue group, or humane society, but ultimately you will get the great feeling of love and fulfillment of giving a dog a second chance.

Some of the advantages of adopting a small dog are that they do not take up to much space. Renting or owning a small home, such as an apartment is perfect for a small a dog since it will be comfortable and have enough space to play. And if you rent your landlord may not have a problem with a small indoor dog, especially compared to a large dog. Another advantage of adopting small dogs is that exercising them takes only a few minutes at a time, about 15 minutes running or 25 minutes walking. Most small dogs have low energy levels, but remember there are some exceptions such as the Jack Russell.

When searching to adopt a small dog always consider these major factors. Small children and small dogs don’t mix, and high energy people and small dogs are a bad combination. Before deciding on a particular small breed dog, do go and visit the local shelter and rescue groups, since most of them do have a large selection of small breed dogs.

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  1. comment number 1 by: angiealonso

    i always wanted a love me forever, and ever, and ever.

  2. comment number 2 by: ravenwing92

    My family and I (which consists of my Mom, my Dad, and my very calm parakeet Snowflake) are looking to adopt a small Italian Greyhound or Whippet to our family, particularly a house-trained puppy or youngster but any age is welcomed ^-^. We are willing to fill out application forms for adoption or dog interest. Including, we are willing to travel for our new best friend, particularly in the northeastern states of Illinois, Michigan, PA, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Ohio. We live in Eastlake, OH. If you have any resources, links, suggestions, or adoption notifications, please e-mail or call me. Google can go so far. lol ^-^

    We would love to add one of those poor, homeless beings to our family! May your day be blessed! :D

    ~Paige Rollins~

    Phone: 440-391-2556

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